Antilles: "I told you not to hit the ships."
Ginbotham: "Sorry, sir. Precision shooting is for A-wings."
Antilles: "Missing a target the size of a moon shouldn't be difficult, Ginbotham."
Gen. Antilles and Ginbotham during the Battle of Almania[src]

Ginbotham was a male Hig who served aboard the Yavin in 17 ABY as part of the command crew, alongside Wedge Antilles.


Ginbotham was a blue-skinned, slender Hig. In 17 ABY, he served in the New Republic Defense Forces. He was renowned for his piloting skills and served as part of the command crew aboard the Yavin, a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser under the command of General Wedge Antilles. While serving aboard the Yavin, Ginbotham saw action at the Battle of Almania, where the Republic engaged three Victory-class Star Destroyers under the command of the terrorist Kueller. Ginbotham was ordered to fire at one of the Republic's allied ships, the Wild Karrde, in order to confuse the opponent's droid-operated forces into mistaking the Yavin for one of their own ships.[1]



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