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Giran was a Kadas'sa'Nikto male that assisted Jabba the Hutt's beast handler, Malakili. Unlike Malakili, Giran did not love the rancor, and only saw it for its muscles and strength. He had hoped to one day pit the beast against a krayt dragon, but his dreams for such a fight were snuffed out when Luke Skywalker came to Jabba's Palace. Not only did Luke survive the rancor, but he killed it. After opening the barred door, Giran attempted to seize Luke, but was shoved aside by a grieving Malakili. Giran made a half-hearted attempt to comfort him with the rancor's death. Giran was aboard the Khetanna when it was destroyed.

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Giran was played by Trevor Butterfield and voiced by Ernie Fosselius. Hasbro produced an action figure modeled after the character in 2009 as part of its Legacy series.


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