Girov Dza'tey was a Force-sensitive male Bothan operative trained in the martial arts of Jeswandi.

Some months after the Battle of Endor, he led a Bothan intelligence mission to the planet Malrev IV. The expedition ship, the Starfaring, crashed on Malrev's surface, forcing Rogue Squadron to mount a rescue mission.

Girov Dza'tey.

Meanwhile, Girov discovered the power of Sith magic suffusing the planet, emanating from an ancient Sith Temple site controlled by Cartariun. Girov used his own men and the Rogues as a diversion while he infiltrated the temple. Inside, he confronted Cartariun and his Rogue Squadron prisoner, Dllr Nep, managing to gain control over the Sith magic and using it to kill the former and imprison the latter. He then launched an attack on his former comrades, using Irrukiine in TIE Interceptors, but was defeated, thanks to the intervention of Plourr Ilo and an Eiattu 6 fighter squadron. He died when Dllr and fellow Rogue Herian I'ngre sacrificed themselves to blow up the Sith temple.

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