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*''[[Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook]]''
*''[[Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook]]''
*{{GalaxyCite|11|Casting Shadows}}
*{{GalaxyCite|7|Casting Shadows}}
*''[[Rebellion Era Sourcebook]]''
*''[[Rebellion Era Sourcebook]]''
*''[[The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia]]''
*''[[The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia]]''

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"It is customary to leave the swoop bikes at the door, Gizman. If you and your degenerate friends weren't useful to me, you'd make a wonderful meal for my dear rancor."
Jabba Desilijic Tiure[src]

Gizman,[1] better known by the nickname Big Gizz, was the leader of Jabba Desilijic Tiure's swoop gang just prior to Jabba's death. He was a gargantuan humanoid, standing nearly three meters tall. He was very muscular, had orange skin, and long, curly hair. His facial features exhibited distinctly nonhuman characteristics, such as sharpened teeth and a swine-like snout.


"Ours not to reason why—ours just to do the dirty an collect the cash."
―Big Gizz to Jix[src]

Working for Jabba


Gizz and Jix.

Big Gizz, while on the town with his buds one day in 3 ABY, was challenged by a mysterious biker, Jix, in Mos Eisley. When Jix cheated in the bike match, Gizz was impressed with his willingness to cheat. When Prince Xizor contacted Jabba about killing Luke Skywalker, Jabba gave the task to Big Gizz and his partner, Spiker. Unknown to Gizz, however, was that Jix was an Imperial agent working for Darth Vader, assigned to ensure Luke's survival.[1]

Jix and Gizz's gang headed for Jabba's headquarters. Jabba was in the middle of breakfast when the bikes burst into his throne room. Jabba just got a transmission that interfered with Jix's instructions. Following Jabba's orders, the swoop gang attacked Luke, who was staying in Obi-Wan Kenobi's home near the Dune Sea. With the help of Dash Rendar, Luke was able to outmaneuver the swoop riders in Beggar's Canyon. Gizz was hurt, had a broken leg and had a talk to Jix about finishing your job and how he had a clear view of Skywalker.[1]

This would be his undoing, for Luke and Dash were leaving the battle, before he could fire, Jix sneaked up behind him and smashed a rock into his head. Big Gizz collapsed then and there, bloody and left for dead.[1]

The Jabba Tape

Following the debacle in Beggar's Canyon, Big Gizz was eventually found by the B'omarr monks, who provided him a medical aid. After undergoing surgery and cranial reconstruction, he was given a metal plate to wear for protection; its only downside was that it intermittently picked up comlink and other signals from nearby. Gizz would eventually go to Citadel of B'omarr on Tatooine, where he met Spiker—who had believed Gizz to be dead.[2]

Gizz told his companion that Jix had tried to kill him, and that the Human was a spy for Darth Vader. The two left the B'omarr Citadel deciding it would best if they were freelancers. Gizz had heard of an old storehouse of Jabba's in the nearby Glass Mountain, where Jabba supposedly stored a well-armed ship for escape purposes. They hatched a plan to steal the ship and become pirates in the local star systems.[2]

When they reached Glass Mountain, they found they had been beaten to the punch by a group of thugs employed by Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo, Jabba's nephew. The bikers made short work of the thugs, however, and rescued a Lizling named Onoh, who had been posted by Jabba to safeguard Glass Mountain several years prior. Gorga's men had already opened the hangar and prepared the secret ship, Spirit of Jabba, for take off, leaving little additional work for the swoop bikers. Onoh initially objected to their boarding the ship, though his resistance subsided when they informed him that Jabba had been killed. Gizz and Spiker found the ship to be very well-stocked and fitted with numerous weapons that they hoped would help them carve out a piece of the Outer Rim for themselves. They also decided to take Onoh on as a member of their pirate crew.[2]

One of Gorga's henchmen had survived and alerted the Hutt to the events, though Gizz and Spiker were able to fly the ship into space and open up a good lead on Gorga's pursuing enforcers. However, an interactive security tape—the "Jabba Tape"—kicked in, immobilizing the ship until the security clearance code was submitted. The tape also began draining oxygen from the ship's bridge, and closed off all exits, estimating that they had approximately four minutes left to live. While all this was happening, one of Gorga's ships caught up with the would-be pirates. Gizz was able to pick up transmissions on his skull plate, telling them to surrender. The ship fired several shots at Spirit of Jabba, damaging it severely but also ripping apart a bulkhead and allowing Gizz, Spiker and Onoh to escape the oxygen-deprived bridge.[2]

With the artificial gravity disabled, Gizz and Spiker could do little but float aimlessly around the bridge, and were unable to reply to Gorga's ship's transmissions and warnings, because the Jabba Tape was blocking communications. Eventually, Onoh revealed that he knew the override code, and the bikers were able to deactivate the tape and announce their surrender to Gorga's ship. The other vessel escorted them down toward Mos Eisley, though when Gizz's skull plate picked up a transmission from Gorga announcing that Gizz and his companions would be killed when they reached the surface, they decided they would not be quite so cooperative. Gizz felt they would have a decent chance of evading the other ship if they could lighten their load, so Spiker and Onoh ventured into the cargo hold and began preparing much of the ship's provisions to be let loose onto Gorga below. They attempted to flee in Spirit of Jabba, but Gorga's ship was able to disable them, and they crashed-landed in the desert, kilometers from the nearest settlement.[2]

The dark trooper incident


Big Gizz on his swoop.

Despite astronomical odds, an Imperial dark trooper that had fought against Rebel forces survived on board a Rebel ship that crash-landed on Tatooine almost 3 years prior. Now Jawas discovered the wreck—and the dark trooper. While sleeping in the Mos Espa Grand Arena, Spiker and Big Gizz were awakened by the arrival of the Jawas' sandcrawler, whose crew had been slaughtered by the dark trooper. Upon further investigation, Big Gizz and Spiker discovered the terrifying machine as well.[3]

After a heated battle in which both nearly died, the dark trooper was defeated, if only because of its age and wear. Spiker and Big Gizz rode away from its remains, their future uncertain.[3]

Behind the scenes

The Rebellion Era Sourcebook states that Big Gizz is a Human. This is obviously at least partially erroneous, though it could be possible that Gizz is of mixed Human and non-Human, possibly Moggonite, ancestry, and if his ancestry involves Moggonite, it may also explain his large size.



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