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"All by his lonesome, he'd found a previously hidden droid factory, fired it up and cranked out his own private army of battle droids."
―Anonymous 501st clone trooper, on Gizor Dellso[src]

Gizor Dellso's army was a droid army that Gizor Dellso found on Mustafar. He reactivated it and used it to combat the Galactic Empire. The army consisted of B1s, B2s, Droidekas and MagnaGuards. In response, Darth Vader sent the 501st to assassinate him and shut down his entire operation. In the Battle of Mustafar, the droids were deactivated and the factory was destroyed, making sure no more could be manufactured.

In addition to the droid army, Dellso developed a new Confederate Infantry Prototype. The schematics for it were demolished with the rest of the factory.



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