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"All by his lonesome [Dellso] found a previously-hidden droid factory, fired it up, and cranked out his own private army of battle droids."
Retired clone trooper[src]

The Gizor Dellso's droid foundry was a droid manufacturing facility on the volcanic Planet of Mustafar built on the side of a mountain nearby the Klegger Corp Mining Facility. It was owned by Klegger Corp, which in turn served the interests of the Techno Union.

After the Clone Wars, the Geonosian Separatist holdout Gizor Dellso restarted the droid foundry for the creation of his own army of battle droids. As part of his resistance against the newly-christened Galactic Empire he developed a prototype of an advanced super battle droid in this facility.


As Gizor's army grew day by day, the Empire sent the 501st Legion to Mustafar to destroy the droid foundry. 501st troopers were deployed on a landing platform outside the droid facility on Mustafar. Many had just stepped foot on the platform when droids shot them dead from the open windows of the entrance corridor. As B2 super battle droids scurried out onto the landing platform, the 501st repelled them. They managed to secure their landing zone then stormed into the corridors, eventually pushing their way into the lava observatory room, which granted them access to an outside walkway. Despite battle droid snipers firing at them, the stormtroopers were able to capture the walkway.

Under orders to destroy the foundry, the 501st planted an orbital strike beacon on the overlook to signal for the orbiting Imperial-class Star Destroyer to bombard the base. However, Gizor Dellso and his Geonosian bodyguards arrived in a last-ditch effor to oust the 501st. Though many stormtroopers were slain, Gizor Dellso was killed along with his remaining droids.

The troopers had just enough time to withdraw when their overhead forces executed an orbital bombardment command on the Mustafar complex, completely demolishing the droid factory.



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  1. Star Wars: Battlefront II specifies that "years" passed between the formation of the Galactic Empire, which The New Essential Chronology dates to 19 BBY, and the battle on Mustafar. Given that Battlefront II additionally places the Mustafar battle before the Kamino uprising, which The Essential Atlas dates to 12 BBY, the Mustafar battle must therefore take place between 17 BBY and 12 BBY.
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