"That Honest Gjon is a crook, yes."

Gjon, also known as Honest Gjon, was a male H'drachi who lived on the various moons of Bogden during the Clone Wars. Gjon owned a landing pad on the moon of Bogg 4 and a repair shop on Bogg 11. However, Gjon was actually a crook and would steal starships parked on the landing pad, taking them to his repair shop, where he tore them apart for scrap. In 22 BBY, the Human youth Boba Fett landed on Gjon's pad. Fett's ship, Slave I, was damaged in the landing, and so Gjon agreed to take it to his shop and fix it.

However, Gjon was planning to melt Fett's ship down, and so he took Slave I to Bogg 11. Before Gjon could tear it apart, he was confronted by Fett and his new friend Aia, who had helped Fett find Gjon after the boy discovered that Slave I was missing. Gjon gave Slave I back to Fett, who harbored no hard feelings over the incident. Gjon, Aia and Fett then worked together to steal credits. The three flew Slave I into space above Bogg 2, where counterfeit credits were being smuggled from Bogg 2 to Bogg 9. The trio intercepted two hot air balloons with gondolas full of credits, although a security officer was hiding in the second balloon that they took aboard Slave I. Fett quickly accelerated Slave I, throwing the security officer off-balance. Gjon and Aia were then able to push him out the ship's open hatch, although the money they had stolen flew out during the scuffle. After this incident, Fett dropped Gjon and Aia off on one of Bogden's moons, and headed to Coruscant.


"I happen to know of some money being smuggled from Bogg 2 to Bogg 9. A few fellows with a good ship and a little luck could take what they needed."

The male H'drachi Gjon, or Honest Gjon as he liked to call himself, ran a repair shop on the moon known as Bogg 11, and also owned a landing pad on Bogg 4, another nearby moon of Bogden, in the Inner Rim Territories.[2] He had a cybernetic tool implant in place of his right arm to aid with repairs.[1] In 22 BBY, the young Human Boba Fett, an aspiring bounty hunter, landed on Gjon's pad on Bogg 4 in his ship, Slave I. Gjon was prepared to charge Fett a landing fee, but when Gjon pointed out that Slave I needed a landing strut repaired, Fett agreed to let him fix it for 200 credits and Gjon waived the landing fee, ostensibly as a show of his generosity. Fett then walked off to town along with a Humanoid native named Aia, who led the boy to the Bonny Bounty cantina.[2]

However, Gjon had no intention of fixing Slave I. He started the ship and flew to Bogg 11, preparing to melt the ship down for parts. Fett discovered that his ship was missing but knew of no way to get it back. Aia, a native of the moons, knew of a method to cross from one moon to another when the atmospheres overlapped. When this happened, gravity was substantially weakened in certain places on the moons, enabling one to travel up through one moon's atmosphere and into the other if they could successfully ride the gravity-weakened patches. Aia was able to carry Fett as he glided up through the sky, using the decreased gravity to jump from Bogg 4 to Bogg 11 as the moons' exospheres briefly crossed. Aia and Fett then caught up with Gjon at his shop before he could tear the ship down. Having been caught, Gjon relented, returning Slave I to Fett.[2]

Gjon then decided to team up with Fett and Aia to make some money, with Gjon insisting that if Fett intended to travel to Coruscant as he wished to, the boy would need more money. Gjon claimed that he knew of a smuggling operation delivering counterfeit money from Bogg 2 to Bogg 9, and that with a good ship, they could likely intercept some of the hot air balloons carrying the credits. Fett flew Slave I into space just above Bogg 2, where he sat and waited along with Gjon and Aia. The trio grabbed the second balloon that floated by, bringing it into Slave I, and found it full of counterfeit credits. On Gjon's advice, the group decided to snatch another balloon in hopes of gaining even more money.[2]

However, the next balloon they grabbed contained a security officer, armed with a blaster. The officer demanded that the three give up the ship and jump out the open hatch. With some quick thinking, Fett set Slave I to accelerate suddenly in four seconds, which threw everyone off-balance. Gjon and Aia recovered first and threw the officer out the ship before he could react. Though Fett was worried over the possible penalties he might face for murdering a security officer, Gjon revealed that the officer had been just a regular criminal, attempting to con them into giving up their ship.[2]

While the three had avoided death, they had lost almost all the credits they had stolen when Slave I accelerated, as the money had flown out the ship's hatch. Gjon insisted on giving Fett the remaining 100 credits, and then Fett set the ship down on Bogg 4, letting Gjon and Aia off. Gjon said goodbye to Fett before the boy departed for Coruscant and advised him not to be so trusting.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Can't blame a guy for trying!"
―Gjon, after being caught trying to scrap Slave I[2]

Gjon was an unscrupulous being. He felt no qualms about letting Boba Fett—a young boy—believe that he would fix his ship, when in reality he was planning to steal it and tear it apart. Gjon relented when caught, however. Aia considered Gjon to have a sense of honor, and he told Fett that he was confident that once Gjon had been caught he would give the boy his ship back. The H'drachi also felt that there was nothing wrong with stealing counterfeit money, as the money was illegally created anyway. Gjon came to respect Fett, and he gave the ambitious young Human advice when the two parted ways.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Gjon was created for the 2002 young reader novel Boba Fett: The Fight to Survive, written by Terry Bisson. Gjon serves as an antagonist at first, as he initially robs Boba Fett before helping him.[2] The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia refers to Gjon as an M'haeli from Bogg 4. However, M'haeli is actually a planet, the native world of the H'drachi, Gjon's species.[1] This article makes the assumption that Gjon is native to Bogg 4, as Boba Fett: The Fight to Survive seems to indicate.



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