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"I admit, the Tribe does have a certain fascination with glass, and with things of beauty in general."
―Sith High Lord Sarasu Taalon[src]

A glass shikkar used by the Lost Tribe of Sith

Glass was a type of translucent or transparent material similar to clari-crystalline. This material was most often utilized by the rich on planets with large cities. It was more prone to breakage than the stronger transparisteel. Those who had it installed, though, appreciated how glass offered a clearer view, favoring aesthetics over practicality. Unfortunately, even a slow-moving projectile would often be enough to shatter the entire pane into thousands of tiny, sharp fragments.

To install glass on worlds like Coruscant, workers would often use INS-444 window installation droids to replace a pane; once installed, CLE-004 window cleaning droid units would clean and polish it.

Glass was installed in the Naboo Embassy in 500 Republica on Coruscant. When Senator Padmé Amidala was visiting Coruscant, her room was outfitted with glass, which was shattered during an assassination attempt by bounty hunter Zam Wesell.

The Lost Tribe of Sith on Kesh used the Force to form glass daggers, called shikkars. These daggers were plunged into the victim's body and then broke, embedding the blade in the being's flesh. The Tribe also used glass parangs, tying in to the Lost Tribe Sith's fascination with glass and other aesthetically pleasing objects. Glass could also be used for artistic purposes. The office of the Prime Minister of Mandalore had glass busts of previous holders of the title lined along the walls.



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