Glit-biter (or glitbiter) was a derogatory slang term for individuals addicted to the spice glitterstim.

CorSec officers often used the term to refer to those individuals who consumed raw, unrefined spice.

Observing the paranoid behavior of Moruth Doole, Rogue Squadron pilot Corran Horn remarked to Commander Wedge Antilles that Doole was likely a glit-biter. Horn followed up with an explanation when he realized that Antilles was unfamiliar with the term.

During the trial of Tycho Celchu Nawara Ven was summoned to a meeting with an individual claiming to be the Duros Captain Lai Nootka. Ven thought it was more likely that it was just a glit-biter looking for attention but went to meet the individual anyways, who was not Nootka, but instead Imperial Intelligence officer Kirtan Loor.

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