Glitter-lits were colorful, iridescent glowing lights used for illumination at concerts. Containing a mixture of two chemicals and glitter, they were activated by shaking and then snapping the tube. When Queen Padmé Amidala and several of her handmaidens snuck out to see a Neurotransmitter Affection concert at the Theed Odeon, Harli Jafan, a visitor to Naboo representing her father at a summit Amidala was hosting, handed everyone glitter-lits. The undercover Amidala's, however, broke and spilled glitter on her hands.[1]

Due to the proprietary chemicals used in the tube, the glitter proved extremely difficult to wash off the next day, requiring Sabé to impersonate Amidala that day at the summit, as the girls did not want anyone to know the Queen had secretly been out and wearing gloves would insult the delegates from Kreeling. This caused a minor incident when Jafan mistook Amidala for Sabé, as the two girls had been flirting with each other. Amidala's confused reaction upset Jafan, who sent Sabé a message saying she never wanted to see her again, and as a result caused a period of strained relations between Queen and handmaiden.[1]

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