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"Howl's a genius. You won that argument on Blacktar Cyst. Just wish he wasn't mad as a glitterstim addict reading omens in his filth."
―Hazram Namir to Brand[1]

Glitterstim was an illicit substance with addictive properties.[1] It was twice as potent as ryll.[2]Taggart was a smuggler who specialized in moving shipments of glitterstim spice.[3] When Brand asked her fellow Twilight Company member Hazram Namir if he was being too hard on their captain, "Howl," Namir replied that Howl was a genius, but also as mad as a glimmerstim addict.[1]

Spice spiders produced webs of pure glitterstim.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Glitterstim was first mentioned in Star Wars canon in Alexander Freed's novel Battlefront: Twilight Company.[1] It first appeared in a flashback in the 2021 audio drama The High Republic: Tempest Runner.[2]

Glitterstim first appeared in the Legends continuity in the novel Jedi Search, which described it as a powerful variant of the drug known as spice that was mined on Kessel.[4]



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