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Glongfurrp was a Gamorrean guard who was employed by Toln ne Yerres as a servant and bodyguard.


Glongfurrp was a male Gamorrean who served as the Twi'lek Toln ne Yerres' bodyguard and servant.[1] He had met Yerres when the two were slaves in Jabba the Hutt's ryll-running operation. Glongfurrp worked as one of the operation's enforcers, while Yerres was a courier. As Yerres moved up through the ranks of Jabba's organization, Glongfurrp became his bodyguard.[2]

Over the years, Glongfurrp had, on several occasions, been approached with offers to betray Yerres. Subtle approaches generally confused the Gamorrean, while direct ones offended and outraged him. His usual response was the killing of the messenger, forcing Yerres to handle the situation to keep them both alive.[2] Glongfurrp commanded a group of six Gamorreans, and they resided in reinforced rooms on the fifth floor of the Holiday Towers' west building.[1]

By the time of the ordered evacuation of Cloud City in 3 ABY, Glongfurrp was working for K'cri Elban.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Glongfurrp was a Gamorrean who stood 1.87 meters tall, and weighed 115 kilograms. Glongfurrp's intelligence was the main reason that Yerres kept him around. On Glongfurrp's end, his intelligence allowed him to appreciate the fact that Yerres trusted him like he trusted no other individual. For Yerres' part, he recognized that Glongfurrp's intelligence level did not allow him the skills to even comprehend betraying his employer.[1] He was also aware that Glongfurrp tended to devote himself to the protection of any individual as long as they provided him with work, safety, and entertainment.[2] Glongfurrp enjoyed his life under Yerres as he was well fed and cared for. The only downside was the lack of fighting, which caused him to seek out danger for the fight.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Glongfurrp was skilled in the use of blaster, as well as unarmed[1] and melee combat.[2]


Glongfurrp's tusks were metal-tipped, which were a gift from Yerres, and he kept them pristine. However, his clothing was often battle-worn and bloodied.[1] He wielded an axe in battle.[2]


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