"Warning was accurate! It's Glott the bounty hunter—wanted on Insta-7 among other systems for—SPAK!"
―Unnamed stormtrooper right before being hit by Glott[src]

Glott was a Gotal bounty hunter who worked for the Galactic Empire. As a Gotal, he had the ability to sense when people were going to attack. This ability helped Glott to become one of the best known and feared bounty hunters around.


The search for Mora


Glott murders Ph'dan.

In 0 ABY, Glott was hired by the Imperial Governor of M'haeli, Grigor. Glott was sent after an escaped Rebel named Mora. Glott's fee was three Dragite crystals, which he was more than ready to accept. Glott began his search in the local cantina, spreading the word that he was offering 100 credits for any information on the whereabouts of Mora.

Eventually, a H'drachi leader named Ph'dan came forward to give Glott information. Outside the cantina, Ph'dan told Glott that Mora could be located on the Selon Mountain in the D'lope Range. After giving Ph'dan the promised credits, Glott brutally murdered the man and took back his money, telling him that nothing should be easily gained. Glott used the information and tracked Mora to the Selon Mountain where she was leading a raid on an Imperial Dragite mine.

Along with two other hunters on speeder bikes, Glott assaulted the Rebel force and captured Mora. However, at that exact time, Ranulf Trommer, appeared and destroyed Glott's speeder bike. Glott turned Mora over to his fellow hunter Selth, and began to engage Trommer in combat. The fight ended with Trommer victorious despite Glott's precognitive abilities. Luckily for Glott, Rebel troopers, thinking that Trommer was a stormtrooper, arrested Trommer and released Glott. Glott returned to Governor Grigor's headquarters to claim his reward. Glott had been wounded over his left eye in the shoot out and he promised to return to avenge his injuries.

The hunt for Ranulf Trommer


Glott is injured by Ranulf Trommer.

At Governor Grigor's headquarters, Glott watched Grigor torture Mora for information, laughing when Grigor was unable to force any information from her. He then forced Grigor to pay him extra in his exchange for his silence regarding the humiliating defeat at the Dragite mine. Grigor agreed to pay for Glott's silence, but then offered to pay Glott three more Dragite crystals if he would hunt down Ranulf Trommer.

Glott was eager to get revenge on Trommer, and agreed to the hunt. Glott found the man breaking Mora from prison, and he tracked Ranulf and Mora through the forests of M'haeli. Just as Glott was about to execute Trommer, another rebel speeder piloted by Jalose veered in front of the shot, taking the brunt of the attack. Jalose was killed by the attack, but it bought enough time for Trommer to destroy Glott's speeder bike yet again.


Glott is killed by Ranulf Trommer.

A rematch of the previous shoot out ensued with Glott getting an early upperhand. However, several local H'drachi helped Trommer shoot off one of Glott's horns, disabling his precognitive abilities. Without his power to read what Trommer was going to do, Glott was quickly gunned down, taking mortal injuries. Trommer and his gang left the field of battle and made their way to the new rebel base at Red Rock.

Before Glott died, he was able to tell Governor Grigor the location of the new Rebel stronghold at Red Rock. Glott's last words were, "Get Trommer… Destroy him… As he destroyed me…"


Glott did not accessorize as much as other hunters such as Boba Fett. Glott was best known for his gatling gauntlet, made famous by the Clone Wars General Durge. He also made use of an 74-Z speeder bike before it was destroyed by Ranulf Trommer. He eventually replaced it with another military swoop which was also destroyed by Trommer.



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