The Glottalphibs were a reptilian sentient species indigenous to the planet Glottal.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Glottalphibs were a reptilian sentient species which evolved on their homeworld of Glottal. Glottalphibs were amphibious, but were most comfortable in water. They would shed their scales if out of water for too long, their gills becoming dry. As a result of this, Glottalphibs often looked as if they were not getting enough air.

Glottalphibs possessed strong bodies with two arms, two legs, and a tail. They had three clawed fingers and a thumb on each hand. Prominent spikes emerged from the tops of their large heads and ran down their long necks and onto their backs. Their skin had a mottled appearance, while their face possessed wide nostrils, small eyes, and long sharp teeth that emerged from the sides of their mouths.

Their species possessed scales so tough that blaster fire did not harm them; the only way to hurt a Glottalphib with a blaster was to shoot it in its opened mouth. Glottalphibs were also capable of breathing fire, in large enough quantities as to kill enemies. Other sentient beings in the galaxy noted that the Glottalphibs were reminiscent of dragons. They reproduced by the females laying unfertilized eggs, which males would later fertilize.

Society and cultureEdit

Glottalphibs considered watumba bats, an animal native to their planet, to be a delicacy; they raised the bats in underground caverns. The presence of the bats was dangerous to Glottalphibs, as the creatures were known to be attracted to and consume fire. If a Glottalphib became enraged and breathed fire in the presence of watumba bats, the bats were known to fly straight down the unfortunate Glottalphib's throat, choking them to death.

Glottalphibs also consumed garbage snipes, Parfue gnats, Eilnian sweet flies, and the eggs of cavers.

Glottalphibs in the galaxyEdit

A notable Glottalphib was Nandreeson, a crime lord who resided on Skip 6, an asteroid on the Smuggler's Run. Nandreeson was a long-time enemy of the prominent gambler, Lando Calrissian, and in 17 BBY, was able to capture his old foe. Famous New Republic members Han Solo and Chewbacca came to Calrissian's rescue, and Nandreeson and many of his Glottalphib employees were killed in the ensuing skirmish.



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