Glova was a semi-tropical planet in the Glova system colonized around 195 BBY. When its precious metals ran dry, its mines were abandoned, and the inhabitants turned to farming, becoming a leading supplier of food for planets in the region.


Mission to Glova

New Republic troopers attack the Governor's House.

Around 4 ABY, the world was declared neutral and ruled by Governor Tegist Byrg. Following the Battle of Endor, the New Republic maintained an embassy on this planet. Ambassador Robet Makina organized a mission to capture the governor and reveal his connections with the Galactic Empire.[2]

In 4 ABY,[4] the New Republic's First Fleet, under the command of Admiral Firmus Nantz, drove the forces of Sander Delvardus from Glova, where New Republic General Tyr Taskeen led a ground attack with aid from Sullustan irregulars. The campaign at Glova limited Delvardus's influence by preventing his Eriadu Authority from joining with Imperial forces in the Elrood and Minos sectors.[5]


Glova was the homeworld of Tenk Lenso and Jek Pugilio.[3]

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