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Trioculus recovers the Glove of Darth Vader from a twisted pile of wreckage on Dac's ocean floor

"No greater symbol of darkness was ever made than this glove — the gauntlet that once covered Darth Vader's right hand."

The Glove of Darth Vader was a Mandalorian Crushgaunt fitted around one of Lord Skere Kaan's indestructible Sith amulets. The gauntlet was worn by Lord Darth Vader upon his right hand. Although both gloves for Darth Vader's armor contained micronized Mandalorian armor as a means to deflect direct hits from blaster bolts (a feature made redundant due to his Force abilities),[1] the Glove possessed exclusive features compared to the left glove, including grip-augmentation circuitry.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker severed Vader's hand with his lightsaber, and the cybernetic appendage was lost down a shaft in the Emperor's throne room aboard the Death Star. The battle station was destroyed shortly afterward, and Vader's glove was presumably lost. The glove survived, however, ensnared within a piece of wreckage that landed on the watery world of Dac; it had been pulled through a wormhole created by the explosion of the hypermatter in the Death Star's core.

In 5 ABY, the false Prophet of the Dark Side known as Kadann foretold that the chosen heir to the Galactic Empire would present himself bearing the Glove of Darth Vader. The former Imperial Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa took advantage of this alleged prophecy and used it to proclaim a mutant-Human known as Trioculus as the new Galactic Emperor. Hissa presented Trioculus as the son of the late Emperor Palpatine at the Kessendra Stadium on Kessel, and Trioculus thereafter embarked upon a mission to recover the glove of Darth Vader. The information of the glove supplied to the false Kadann, and by extension, Trioculus and Hissa, was supplied by Sate Pestage. Although unknown to either party, the motives for Pestage were because Emperor Palpatine had revived himself from his death above Endor, and had planned to use the amulet to quickly amplify his body and restore his powers, as the ordeal left him weakened.

The gauntlet's value as a symbol was of little use to the three-eyed mutant, but its potential for use as a weapon was considered to be incalculable. It was his belief that the glove was actually a mystical relic that gave its wearer the ability to telekinetically attack others from a distance. Trioculus was ignorant of the fact that this ability was an aspect of Darth Vader's aptitude with the Force, and had nothing to do with his glove.

MD-5 examines the Glove of Darth Vader

Trioculus recruited an unscrupulous Whaladon hunter named Captain Dunwell to ferry him through the Valley of the Giant Oysters on Dac. He personally donned a submersible wetsuit and retrieved the glove from a wrecked ion deactivator, left over from the Death Star.

Rebel Alliance heroes Admiral Ackbar and Luke Skywalker piloted a Calamarian minisub into the valley and intercepted Dunwell's ship. Trioculus attempted to use the "power" of Darth Vader's glove against Skywalker, but to no effect. Skywalker survived the attacks and succeeded in destroying Captain Dunwell's ship, though Trioculus escaped with the glove. He had his technicians outfit the glove with technology that could simulate Vader's Force Choke, but soon abandoned its use after discovering that utilizing it too often resulted in periods of blindness—as well as withering his hand. Trioculus commanded that his servants create an exact replica of the glove, while the true glove was returned to the false Kadann. It was then taken from his corpse by Azrakel, who then used its power to aid him in slaughtering the true Prophets, on Bosthirda. After Azrakel's death, the Glove was believed to have fallen into the possession of Lumiya. The Bimm merchant Glah Ubooki later claimed to possess a glove worn by Darth Vader, but did not specify that it was the Glove itself.

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