"Absolutely nothing is what it seems. That's the one thing you better keep in mind at all times while inside the Glow Dome."
Cohden K'Reye[src]

The Glow Dome was a nightclub on Adarlon known for its elaborate lighting and sound design. Called "The Bright Center to the Galaxy" in its promotions, the Dome employed over 500 individual holoprojectors to create dazzling illusions, and its audio system was so extensive that it required four droid brains and one sentient operator to function. The Glow Dome's dance floor, called the "Turntable," spun just rapidly enough to disorient unwary dancers. The Corellian sisters Corinna and Kandria A'Daasha were the Glow Dome's proprietors, and it also hosted the Sullustan scientist Dr. Lytos Urtell. Among the Dome's frequent visitors was the dangerous bounty hunter Vallikor En-Vahdi. The Derriphan Ziakas also stalked the Dome's premises, secretly searching for a host; it inhabited Kandria A'Daasha at one time.

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Prices at the Glow DomeEdit

Drink Price
Whatever's glowing5 credits/glass
Bright lights10 credits/glass
Spot-luma lum15 credits/glass
Holo-Arcade Price
Game3-9 credits/game
Illegal Holos Price
Birth of the Alliance5,000 credits and up
Rebel Heroes10,000 credits and up
Tales of the Jedi15,000 credits and up


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