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Chef Gormaanda presenting her dish

Glowblue Noodles and Chav was a delectable dish made by chef Gormaanda just before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. The largest feature of this dish was that it was completely modular, meaning that one could change it to their taste however way and it would still keep a preferable flavor. For example, one could add meat to it and it would be delicious, or keep it vegetarian and still keep it with a desired taste.



Slice the coneweres into very fine diagonal slices, discarding the rock-nubs. Slice the celto diagonally into thick chunks. Quarter the milkened tuber crossways—when you get to the seed-husk, you'll need to halve each quarter again to ensure a uniform size. Put a large pan of ionized water on to boil and cook the noodles as per preference. Most preferred a softened consistency while those with more robust jaws insisted on a crunchy texture.

Heat the oil in a flat pan over a fairly high heat and toss in the shadun and the dabaroo. Be aware that the natural phosphors in the dabaroo skin will cause the meal to glow blue during preparation and heating –- hence the name. Fry for four to five minutes, stirring animatedly, until the blue has burned off from an intense cobalt shade to a more refined royal hue. Add the coneweres, celto, firebud and fry for another six minutes. Now, add the tuber, reduce heat, and cover for two minutes.

Before serving, add the noodles, the chav and sprinkle the seeds. Serve immediately.

This quantity provided enough for three famished humanoids, but only one knew the size of their dinner guests' stomachs.


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