«Gluupor not know what you talking about. But then again, Gluupor not very bright.»

Gluupor was a Rodian living in Ahto City in 3956 BBY. Being poor and wanting to live richly for a short time, Gluupor saved up enough money to stay in the Ahto City visitor's hotel. Having been in the room next to Elassa Huros' at the time of her murder, Gluupor saw Sunry fleeing the scene of the crime. To pin the blame even further on Sunry, the Sith Empire paid him to plant Sunry's Hero's Cross in Elassa's room. He was later called as a key witness in Sunry's trial. Gluupor was unwilling to reveal his role in planting the false evidence, but under pressure admitted it to Revan, who was serving as Sunry's Arbiter.

Gluupor had a habit of referring to himself in the third person. In addition, he did not possess advanced proficiency in Huttese grammar and had a tendency to omit auxiliary and copula verbs, which were difficult for non-native speakers to interpret. According to himself, he was not very intelligent, but that did not necessarily have anything to do with his lack of Huttese proficiency.

Behind the scenesEdit

Unlike most non-Basic speakers in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Gluupor's language is more than just the usual set of Huttese phrases. One can hear him say specific words like "Gluupor" or "Selkath" whenever the subtitles say he does.

In the Xbox version Gluupor is seen wearing a yellow suit, but during the trial his uniform is green.



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