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A gnarltree.

The Gnarltree was considered to be one of the most bizarre plant forms in the galaxy.

Gnarltrees on Dagobah.

These swamp-loving trees lived on Dagobah and grew slowly upward through the centuries. Their huge roots grew out of the bog, providing shelter in the hollow spaces. Each gnarltree was a microcosm of life-forms with lichens, moss, and shelf-fungus filling the crannies of the calcified trunk. But the strangest part of the gnarltree was that the knobby white spider was part of its lifecycle. The spider was actually a detachable, mobile root that broke free of the parent gnarltree. It became a predatory carnivorous plant, hunting and devouring to build up its energy and nutrients before making a clearing and putting down its eight sharp legs, which become the roots of the new gnarltree.


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