Gnifmak Dymurra was the CEO of the Loronar Corporation in 13 ABY. During the New Republic era, Loronar had gained a reputation for corruption, initiating riots on Ampliquen, staging a coup on King's Galquek, committing rights violations in the Gantho system and supplying insurgent groups in the Meridian sector including Seti Ashgad's Rationalist Party of Nam Chorios.

Dymurra also allied himself with Moff Tol Getelles of the Antemeridian sector. He resided at Getelles's capital of Antemeridias and enjoyed the luxuries of a king including having sex droids, vibrobaths, plug-ins, glitterstim, 4 different chefs, self-conforming slippers and independently-controlled artificial environments in every room in his palace.

He also developed a type of remote-control technology known as Centrally Controlled Independent Replicant which allowed multiple automatons to be controlled by large central computers rather than a large number of miniaturized droid brains. This cut the construction cost for such droids, but the Tsils of Nam Chorios were enslaved in order to accomplish the instant communication needed.

After Getelles and Seti Ashgad failed in their plot to take over the Meridian Sector and spread the Death Seed plague, Dymurra was presumably brought to justice. The New Republic punished the Loronar Corporation by making it return the captive Tsils and canceling a shipment of the new Strike-class cruisers causing the company to come close to bankruptcy.



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