Gnisnal was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer of the Imperial Starfleet.


Tagged by the Rebel Alliance as SD-489, Gnisnal underwent a major ship malfunction during the evacuation of Narth and Ihopek. The ship's primary transfer coupling for the solar ionization reactor failed, causing the primary explosion. The hyperspace motivator then collapsed into the reactor core, causing a secondary explosion that cracked the hull and destroyed decks 1 through 26. The ship split into several large chunks and was left adrift.

As part of Operation Flotsam, the New Republic refitted fleet tender Steadfast was dispatched to scour the hulk for valuable resources or information. The crew discovered an intact, fully operational datacore on Level Ninety-Six, in Corridor Q, with redundant power cells still powering that section of the ship (the Number Eight backing up the Number Four). The datacore's contents provided Asset Tracking office with its first, albeit aged, Imperial Order of Battle, which allowed for the discovery of the Black Fleet.



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