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"I'm more than ready, Cham. Let's force-feed these Imperials some fire."
―Gobi, moments before the attack on the Perilous[src]

Gobi Glie was a Rutian Twi'lek male who lived on Ryloth. During the Clone Wars, he was part of the Twi'lek Resistance that opposed the Separatist Alliance's occupation of the planet. After the rise of the Galactic Empire, Glie joined Cham Syndulla's Free Ryloth Movement.

Glie was a close friend of Syndulla and his family, and treated his daughter, Hera Syndulla, like a niece.[4]


The Clone Wars[]

"Cham is still angry, he feels betrayed"

Gobi, during the Clone Wars

When the Confederacy of Independent Systems invaded Ryloth during the Clone Wars, Gobi joined the Twi'lek Resistance under General Cham Syndulla. He then fought with the Resistance along side the Republic garrison under Jedi General Ima-Gun Di. Unfortunately, supplies started to run low and the Droid Army was overwhelming them. When Di told Syndulla that his men would hold off the droids while the Resistance and their families fled to the mountains, Gobi spoke with Di. Gobi told him how Syndulla felt betrayed by the Republic, but Di told him that his men would get their families to safety. Gobi promised Di that they would remember his sacrifice. As Gobi and the others made their escape, they then received supplies from Pelta-class frigates under Alderaan Republic Senator Bail Organa.[5]

Gobi continue to fight under Syndulla. He then got a scratch that weakened him, but Cham assured that he would get better. He and the other Resistance fighters then cheered when Syndulla decided to join Windu's forces and free Ryloth's capital of Lessu from the Confederacy.[1]

Age of the Empire[]

After the end of the Clone Wars and the transformation of the Republic into the Empire, Gobi became worried for the safety of Ryloth, believing the Empire posed a dangerous threat to the people. When all Twi’leks were ordered to hand over their weapons, Gobi secretly bought more from his underworld contact, Cid. Gobi would be arrested by the Empire for this, but would be rescued by Syndulla.

Gobi would continue to fight under Syndulla when the Resistance was reorganized into the Free Ryloth Movement. He, Syndulla and the movement attacked the Perilous, attempting to assassinate Emperor Palpatine and Sith Lord Darth Vader. Though the Perilous was destroyed, the Free Ryloth movement failed in their assassination of the Emperor and the Sith Lord.[3]

Aiding the Spectres[]

Gobi (far left), Cham, and Numa joined forces with the Spectres

Three years before the Battle of Yavin, Gobi was still considered one of Syndulla's best soldiers. By then, the Free Ryloth movement was engaged in a struggle against the Galactic Empire, which had succeeded the Old Republic and was refusing to leave Ryloth. He along with Cham and Numa later rendezvoused with Syndulla's daughter Captain Hera, who had become the leader of a rebel cell that operated from the starship Ghost. Hera had established contact with her estranged father Cham because she needed his help to hijack an Imperial Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier orbiting Ryloth. Since the cruiser-carrier housed TIE/sa bombers that regularly bombarded Ryloth's surface, Cham advocated destroying the ship.[6]

However, Hera disagreed with her father's plan and advocated stealing the cruiser-carrier for the rebellion. After a heated discussion, Cham reluctantly conceded to Hera's plan. In secret, Cham still intended to destroy the Imperial cruiser-carrier and instructed Numa and Gobi to bring a bag of detonators. During the journey to Ryloth, Gobi and his Twi'lek companions pretended to befriend the rebels in order to gain their trust. After landing a stolen TIE bomber in the Imperial cruiser carrier, the Ryloth rebels put their plan into action. Under Cham's orders, Gobi and Numa stunned Hera's rebel comrades Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, Kanan Jarrus, and Garazeb Orrelios while Cham dealt with Hera and her astromech droid Chopper.[6]

After exiting their TIE bomber, the three Twi'leks defeated a squad of stormtroopers that had been sent to the hangar bay. While Cham proceeded to disable the ship's hyperdrive, Gobi and Numa made their way to the munitions rack. Shortly later, they were caught up in a gun battle with more stormtroopers. Two of the Spectres, Sabine and Zeb, managed to overpower Gobi and Numa by using a rigged mouse droid to stun them. The two rebels then secured their Twi'lek prisoners while the other four Spectres convinced Cham to abandon his plan to destroy the Imperial cruiser-carrier.[6]

While Hera reasoned with her father, Sabine played the recording to Gobi and Numa in an effort to convince them to join forces. In the end, Cham agreed to work with the Spectres and Gobi and Numa appeared to accept his decision. After several Imperial reinforcements and TIE bombers attempted to reclaim the cruiser-carrier, Gobi and Numa joined forces with Sabine and Zeb in repelling the Imperial forces. In the end, the two rebel cells managed to escape the Ryloth system with their stolen ship. While leaving, they destroyed an Arquitens-class command cruiser, which boosted the morale of the Ryloth rebels and the Twi'leks. Having established a working relationship with the rebellion and neutralized the threat posed by the Empire, Gobi and his comrades depart on their shuttle back to Ryloth.[6]

Recovering the Kalikori[]

Two years before the Battle of Yavin, the Free Ryloth movement faced a formidable new opponent in the form of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Studying Twi'lek culture, philosophy, history, and art, Thrawn devised successful counterinsurgency techniques which led to the capture of Tann Province, the home of the Syndulla clan. Gobi was aboard the Ghost when Cham's daughter Hera undertook a supply run for the Free Ryloth rebels. After the Ghost drove off the Imperial pursuers and picked up Cham and Numa, Gobi and all the other rebels volunteered to assist Hera recover her mother's Kalikori heirloom from the Empire, who were occupying the Syndulla residence.[7]

As part of the recovery mission, Gobi and the other rebels staged a diversionary attack on Imperial forces in the Tulara Ravine while Hera, Ezra, and Chopper infiltrated the Syndulla residence. During the skirmish, Gobi along with Cham and Numa charged into the fray on their blurrg steeds after Sabine blew up an Imperial Troop Transport and an AT-DP walker. The two rebel cells then fled into the wilderness but were unable to outrun a second AT-DP walker. Gobi tried to delay the walker by collapsing rocks in its path but the walker blasted through it easily.[7]

Following a prolonged gun battle, the AT-DP stopped fighting to broadcast a message by Thrawn's second in command, Captain Slavin. Slavin offered to spare the lives of Hera and Ezra if Cham surrendered himself to the Empire. Cham accepted due to his love for Hera. Whenever Gobi advised him against it, Cham designated Hera as his successor. However, Hera staged a successful escape plan which involved getting Chopper to plant explosives. During the exchange, Hera ignited the explosives. This allowed the two rebel cells to escape with all their personnel. Gobi and Numa later mingled with Hera's crew while Hera and Kanan chatted with Cham.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Gobi Glie is voiced by Corey Burton in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Star Wars Rebels.



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