The Godoans were sentient humanoids indigenous to Godo. They were a simple, deeply religious people, who appeared to have very limited contact with the galaxy at large.[1]


At some point prior to the Galactic Civil War, the planet Godo, formerly home to a prosperous and advanced people, became unfit to support its native life forms, and the Godoans were decimated by a mysterious disease. A theory maintained that an unknown party created the House of the Goddess, a machine which could allow the planet to survive, and that the religion of the Godoans developed around it. Disguised as pieces of sculpture in the temple were various essential components of its life-sustaining mechanism—the statuettes known as the Dancing Goddess and the Minstrel were two such components, without which the House of the Goddess became inoperable.[1]

Jabba Desilijic Tiure once stole the Dancing Goddess and the Minstrel, causing a mysterious plague to break out across the world. After the Hutt's death in 4 ABY, his former musician Doda Bodonawieedo took the statuette from Jabba's town house in Mos Eisley and sold it to an art collector on Tharkos for an exorbitant price.[2] A month later,[3] a mercy mission brought members of the Alliance of Free Planets to Godo with medical supplies for the decimated populace. Admiral Ackbar, General Solo and Bey were taken by Fumiyo, the only Godoan fluent in Basic, to the House of the Goddess, where Chewbacca and Han Solo recognized the main devotional statue as identical in shape to two small statues once owned by Lando Calrissian—the Dancing Goddess and the Minstrel. Calrissian, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacca managed to get the statuettes back from Barpotomous Drebble and the Lemo-Sanda gang, restoring the House of the Goddess and bringing an end to the Godoan sickness. In his haste to return the statuettes, Calrissian forgot to take the inoculating radiation bath necessary for survival on the surface of Godo, and contracted the disease himself. The temple had been sealed to aliens by the Godoans while the Alliance delegation departed, and Han Solo threatened Fumiyo with genocide should he refuse to allow them back to the temple, where Calrissian could be restored to health. The Godoan eventually relented, opening the House of the Goddess for Calrissian.[1]

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