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"Great place to hide your bounty."
―A sales sheet advising a Turtle Tanker[src]

The Goji-DF, also known as the Turtle Tanker, was a utilitarian starship manufactured by the Corellian Mining Corporation and was used throughout the galaxy during the Clone Wars, with spacious holds that could be partitioned to allow for simultaneous transport of a variety of cargo. The Turtle Tanker featured all-terrain legs to assist in landing on worlds with minimal or no docking facilities, with the feet containing its engines. The ship's minimal cockpit doubled as an escape pod; a secondary command module within the main tanker allowed it to be piloted even without the cockpit.

Role[edit | edit source]

Turtle Tankers were pressed into essential if unglamorous duty throughout the galaxy, including transporting bulk supplies to outland colonists or refuse from industrial worlds to distant dumping grounds.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

During the Clone Wars, a Turtle Tanker on Stobar was commandeered by Savage Opress, a Nightbrother seeking to reunite himself with his brother, the former Sith once known as Darth Maul. The Sakiyan owner of the Tanker was exporting cargo from the junk planet Lotho Minor, which reacted with the talisman given to Opress by Mother Talzin. The Nightbrother was convinced that Maul's whereabouts were somehow connected to the planet, leading him to compel the owner to return to Lotho Minor in search for his sibling.[5]

However, following Opress' arrival on and minor sweep of the junk planet, the magic talisman became inactive, depriving Opress of his only lead. In a violent rage, Opress threw the Sakiyan pilot into an airlock and dumped him onto the planet below, leaving Savage to control the Turtle Tanker. Despite this, Opress successfully landed the Turtle Tanker and managed to find his brother.[5]

Thereafter, Opress returned with Maul to their homeworld of Dathomir aboard the ship, where Mother Talzin awaited them. Having regained his memories, his legs, and his previous physique after Talzin transformed him with her spells, Maul set out with Savage again to seek vengeance on his old enemy, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had defeated him during the Battle of Naboo over a decade before. The duo set course for the planet Raydonia, apparently one of the planets supplied by the Turtle Tanker. When the ship landed, Maul and Opress proceeded to take hostages and slaughter several inhabitants of the Raydonian settlement, and Maul used the Turtle Tanker to send a challenge to the Jedi, drawing Kenobi into the fray.[6]

Maul and Savage duel Kenobi and Ventress inside a Turtle Tanker

When Kenobi arrived, Maul and Opress engaged him, quickly subduing him and bringing him aboard the ship. After helping his brother torture the Jedi Master with a brutal beatdown, Opress returned to the cockpit to take the Tanker into orbit. As the Tanker took off, it was secretly boarded by Opress' former master and Nightsister, Asajj Ventress, who had the intention of collecting a bounty (and getting revenge) on Opress. She managed to get Kenobi back on his feet, resulting in a four-way duel in the cargo hold. Kenobi and Ventress, having teamed up against the brothers, managed to flee the scene in the ship's cockpit before Maul and Savage could reach them, leaving the two stranded in the remaining portion of the ship. Fortunately, however, it was equipped with a secondary control panel, allowing Maul and Opress to pilot the Turtle Tanker away from the area.[6]

Later on in the conflict, a sales bill in Pons Ora, a settlement located on the planet Abafar, advertised the sale of a Turtle Tanker for 350,000 credits, with the claim that it was a "great place to hide your bounty."[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Turtle Tank design was inspired by Dave Filoni's pet turtle, Goji.[4]

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