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"Interesting. It appears to be gold."
"You're right."
"Is that metal valuable on your worlds?"
"It is on some of them, but mostly it's used in manufacturing."
―Commander Thrawn and General Anakin Skywalker[src]

Han Solo's lucky dice were made of gold.

Gold was a precious metal colored metallic yellow. It could be used to fashion jewelery,[1] or turned into forms of currency, like the peggat[2] and the wupiupi.[3] The sashin-leaf mead[4] and the wax secreted by Vashkan apidactyls had a color comparable to that of gold,[5] as did the chromium finish of C-3PO's plating.[6] On Tatooine, water was such a scarce commodity that it was considered to be more valuable than gold.[7] While valuable on some worlds, by the time of the Clone Wars gold was mostly used in manufacturing. The Techno Union was known to use gold in droid manufacturing during the Clone Wars.[8]

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The real chemical element, gold, is symbolized in the periodic table of elements by the letters "Au." This inspired the naming of a similar element in the Star Wars universe: Aurodium.[9]


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