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"…Our Sith Empire is great, and rich, and powerful… this is our Golden Age."
―Marka Ragnos[src]

Sith Lord Naga Sadow, potential Dark Lord

The Golden Age of the Sith was a period of relative stability and power within the Old Sith Empire. When Marka Ragnos, a powerful and long-lived Dark Lord of the Sith died after having ruled for a century, a power vacuum was created within the Empire's leadership. Two Sith Lords, the conservative Ludo Kressh and the level-headed and intelligent Naga Sadow began to amass power for their respective attempts to take the throne for themselves. Sadow's play for power involved the unexpected arrival of the hyperspace explorers Gav and Jori Daragon; after releasing Jori, who would inadvertently lead the Sith to the Republic, Sadow would whip the rest of the Empire up into a frenzy to attack the Galactic Republic in order to prevent the Empire from entering a period of stagnation and decay.

The aspiring Dark Lord Ludo Kressh.

However, the Great Hyperspace War would not go to plan, as the Republic, aided by Jori and the Jedi Order proved stronger than the Sith had anticipated. Though Sadow's forces laid siege to Coruscant itself, the Republic, led by the Jedi and Empress Teta's forces, would rally to push back their enemies, eventually causing Sadow to flee to Yavin 4. So soon after the height of its Golden Age, the Sith Empire was no more.

A millennium later, Exar Kun led an attempt of his own to establish a Second Golden Age during the Great Sith War. Kun, like Sadow before him, was eventually defeated by the combined weight of the Jedi and the Republic; he would become trapped within the monuments he had created for himself on Yavin 4 for nearly four millennia before being vanquished by the apprentices of Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy. The Muur Talisman dated from this era.

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