"Go to the Golden Cuff tavern in lower Coruscant."

"Tel the bartender who you're looking for. He'll know immediately what to do!"

-The Rodian and Diollan bounty hunters, to young Boba Fett.

The Golden Cuff Tavern was a drinking establishment located on the lower levels of Coruscant's Senate District. It was a frequent hideaway for traders, spacers, and bounty hunters of all stripes. It was also frequented by senators, senators' aides, and lobbyists. The proprietor of the Golden Cuff was a four-armed alien named Nan Mercador.

In 22 BBY, the young orphan Boba Fett arrived on Coruscant and went to the Golden Cuff hoping to establish some contacts. While here, he began inquiring about a man called Dooku. Ironically, Dooku had likewise developed an interest in young Boba and hired several bounty hunters to capture the boy. A Diollan and a Rodian bounty hunter attempted to apprehend Boba at the Golden Cuff, however when Nan Mercador learned about the large fee attached to Boba's bounty, he attempted to cash in on it as well. Nan grabbed Boba and pulled him behind the bar, but the young Fett struggled against the larger man and kicked his way to freedom. His freedom was short lived, however, as another bounty hunter, Aurra Sing, arrived soon after and captured Boba. She dragged him out of the Golden Cuff and took him to Tyranus on the planet Raxus Prime.

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