Anakin Solo, Tahiri Veila, R2-D2 and Ikrit in front of the Golden Globe.

"Peace to all. We are the Massassi. Our children have been imprisoned by the evil Jedi Knight Exar Kun. Locked deep within this palace, hidden in the glittering sands of a golden globe, they await. The crystal that holds them prisoner can only be unlocked by children, strong in the Force and dedicated to the battle of good over evil. If you are the ones, enter the globe and lead our children to freedom."
―The translation of the ancient Massassi engraving found in the Palace of the Woolamander and a deep cave on nearby Yavin 8[src]

The Golden Globe was a massive spherical device created by the Sith Lord Exar Kun during his reign over the Massassi on Yavin 4 in 3997 BBY.


The Golden Globe resembled a massive, glowing, golden crystal sphere. As with many other dark side devices, it emitted a dark presence in the Force. Though no more than four meters when measured from the outside, its size within was infinite, allowing it to hold a large amount of captives. Within the Golden Globe was a realm filled with sand and dust.[1]

The Golden Globe was protected by a powerful energy shield which threw back anyone who attempted to touch it. The only way to break through this field was to weaken it with the Force. The Globe was also haunted by manifestations of the followers of Exar Kun who tried to dissuade visitors from going near the Globe and freeing the captives.[1]

The Golden Globe was bound by Sith magic that could only be destroyed by Force-sensitive children. If an adult tried to do so, the Golden Globe would shatter into dust along with the captives. Once inside, the only way to break the Golden Globe was to use the Force to weaken the field from within, allowing the captives to escape and shattering the Globe into sand.[1]


The Sith Lord Exar Kun created the Golden Globe for the purpose of trapping the souls of the children of the Massassi and to drain their energies to fuel his malevolent powers. The trapped souls were bound to the Golden Globe by Sith magic that could only be defeated by Force-sensitive children. The Golden Globe was kept within a sealed chamber in the Palace of the Woolamander.[2]

Millennia later, centuries before the fall of the Galactic Republic, the Kushiban Jedi Master Ikrit discovered the Golden Globe during a trip to Yavin 4. Ikrit realized he was not able to free the imprisoned souls and placed himself in a Jedi trance to await the arrival of the one who would break the curse, even if it took centuries. Centuries later, in 22 ABY, Jedi trainees Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila discovered the Golden Globe and Ikrit. Ikrit then revealed his identity to the two young Jedi trainees and also informed them of the origins of the Golden Globe. He believed that the pair could succeed where he had failed long before.[2]

Later, Anakin and Tahiri traveled to nearby Yavin 8 where they discovered carvings deep within the caves on the moon that informed them that Massassi children were imprisoned within the Golden Globe by Exar Kun. It was from these carvings that they learned how to unlock the curse.[1]

Following an adventure on the desert world of Tatooine, the pair returned to the Palace of the Woolamander. Having broken past the energy field, they fought past a whirlwind of sand and dust within the realm before using their powers to break the energy field from inside, freeing the trapped souls and destroying the Golden Globe for all time. Having emerged from the Palace of the Woolamander, they were greeted by a pleased Master Luke Skywalker and Ikrit.[3]



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