"Truth is, those big ugly barges guzzle fuel like it's free drinks at the Death Star Commissary"
―Morna Kee speaking of the Golden Harp[src]

The Golden Harp was a yacht belonging to the slaver Arsin Crassus, who was one of the main moneylenders to the Empire and was therefore wealthy. The yacht itself was very opulent and large, made with bronze, carmine and gold among other things. It was by no means a fast or powerful ship, having only shields, but was used to transport Crassus in comfort.[1]

After the failed meeting of the Imperial Future Council on Akiva, the Golden Harp was used to escape the planet before it fell into chaos. As it made its escape, it was shot from the ground by a turbolaser, taking out the entire middle section of the ship and making it difficult to pilot. However, it made it into space and crash landed onto the Vigilance, killing some of the passengers onboard including Crassus.[1]


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