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Golden Sun was a Force-sensitive communal intelligence made up of thousands of coral polyps on the ocean planet Sedri. The native Sedrians worshipped Golden Sun, and built a dome to house its cave in the Sedrian capital city of Fitsay. The worship of Golden Sun was fundamental to Sedrian society, with the High Priest of the Golden Sun being the leader of all Sedrians.

Golden Sun, through the power of thousands of minds joined in the Force, was an energy source of great magnitude. Energy crystals from Golden Sun powered Sedrian devices, and the Force healing powers of Golden Sun were the basis of Sedrian medicine. Golden Sun also output enough energy to affect Sedri's gravity readings, making the small planet appear as massive as a star.

The Sedrians who worshipped Golden Sun did not realize its true nature as an intelligent, living being. Indeed, the High Priest during the Imperial era thought of Golden Sun as simply a tool for the Sedrian people. This priest also kept the dome housing Golden Sun closed, reducing the flow of water through Golden Sun. Since Golden Sun's polyps fed by filtering microorganisms from the water, this essentially starved it. Golden Sun tried to communicate telepathically with the priest to change this situation, but this only led to the priest having disturbing dreams which he did not understand.

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