"Good Hunting" is a short story by Christie Golden that appeared in Star Wars Insider 142. It featured Jaina Solo Fel, Tenel Ka Djo, and Allana Solo, and tied into Troy Denning's novel Crucible.

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Jedi Master Jaina Solo Fel, Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo, and the latter's daughter Allana Solo take a vacation on the planet Luuhar. There, however, Allana's pet nexu Anji breaks away from the group to roam throughout the woods, prompting Jaina, Tenel Ka, and Allana to find themselves confronted by a group of poachers. They defeat the poachers, but then face a Force-sensitive hunter. The battle against him is short, as he is soon mauled to death by Anji, who came back to save Allana from the hunter's wrath. The story ends with Allana enjoying some time with Anji while Jaina and Tenel Ka look on with happiness.


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