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Goodbye, Jek is a two-minute LEGO Mini Movie that is connected to LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles animated TV series. It is the tenth video and was released on YouTube on October 20, 2014.[1]

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After fulfilling his mission to help Luke Skywalker fight the Galactic Empire, Jek-14 prepares to depart Echo Base on Hoth. The Rebel Alliance throws Jek a farewell party. Outside, a wampa is shown riding a tauntaun. Jek tells the rebels that it was a pleasure fighting alongside them but that he must go home. Before departing on his scout fighter, he bids the Heroes of Yavin "May the Force be with you."

Using his cloaked ship, Jek flies past the Imperial fleet undetected. He then opens a musical farewell card with Luke, Leia Organa, and Han Solo humming the Star Wars end credits. The music alerts Darth Vader who dispatches TIE fighters after Jek-14. When the rebels thanks him, Jek sarcastically thanks them for landing him in trouble.


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