Goomi was a male bounty hunter who worked for Ziro Desilijic Tiure during the Clone Wars. At one point he attacked ex-Padawan Crovan Dane, but was killed by Tahnchukka.


In 21 BBY, Ziro hired Goomi to capture Crovan Dane, a would-be Jedi collaborating with Bitt Panith. To this end, he flew to Kashyyyk. Some time later, Bant Eerin, Jaylen Kos, and a fellow padawan came to the planet for the same purpose as him. From Zaboshka, they learned where Goomi was currently staying. When the two Jedi came to the canteen, the hunter began to check the friend of Kos. He changed into Jaylen and told his friend to guess which Jaylen was real. Goomi said that they met on the first day at the Temple. Young Zabrak, however, reminded him that they were a couple in classes with Cin Drallig.

On the spot, he ordered both Jedi to wait, while he gave a signal to attack and talked to a couple of smugglers. He approached Dane and told him straight away that he would not run away from repaying his debt. The former Jedi replied that he was currently earning credits to pay off Ziro. When he gave the two Jedi a signal to attack, they did not react. Then Crovan sneered with the hunter that his Jedi are invisible. Goomi, however, attacked the injured Crovan, but a moment later the Wookiee Tahnchukka hit him with his weapon, killing him on the spot.

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