"It's all in the clear, as far as the letter of the law goes. But it couldn't be more retrograde to the spirit of the law. Since the asteroid was in Alliance space, and clearly in their jurisdiction, though, there's nothing wrong with what they did, legally speaking."

Gopple was the senator of Erigorm in the Galactic Senate during the onset of the Clone Wars.


Gopple served as Erigorm's senator in the Galactic Republic's Senate. Gopple served on the Procurement Panel of the Naval Subcommittee alongside Senator V'troren. During the Senator's tenure on the Panel, Gopple oversaw the testimony of Admiral Jerjerrod when the latter was summoned to account for public statements that called into question the procurement procedure of the Republic for its naval forces. Jerjerrod maintained that he had not released the statements to the public, but that they had been taken from reports he had filed with Naval Command.[1]

In 22 BBY, Gopple commented on the legality of the Corporate Alliance's raid on a slicer compound on the asteroid Yirt-4138-Grek-12. Despite believing it to be against the spirit of the law, Gopple commented that it was legally permissible as the asteroid fell within the borders of Corporate Alliance space.[2]


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