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"Stand firm. There might be worse things here than Grievous."
"Looks like you're right about that, sir!"
―Kit Fisto and Commander Fil, upon seeing Gor — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Gor was a male roggwart owned by General Grievous during the Clone Wars. Grievous, who served as the Supreme Commander of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' Droid Army, kept Gor in his castle on the third moon of the planet Vassek. There, Gor acted as both a guard and a pet for the general, and was one of the few creatures Grievous cared for. While the general was away, Gor was tended to by his master's medical droid, EV-A4-D. The droid was responsible for fitting Gor with four cybernetic limbs grafted to his back, and attaching an exoskeleton of armor to the roggwart's body.

In 22 BBY, the Confederate Head of State, Count Dooku, lured a Jedi-led Republic task force to Grievous's castle in an attempt to test the general's skills. Grievous ordered Gor to kill the intruders, but the roggwart was slain by Jedi Master Kit Fisto.


"Gor, time to entertain our guests!"
―General Grievous — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Following the defeat of the Bitthævrians in the Kaleesh–Bitthævrian War, the victorious Kaleesh warlords took roggwarts as trophies from the Bitthævrian homeworld of Guiteica.[7] One such roggwart came into the possession of Confederacy of Independent Systems Supreme Commander General Grievous, who named it "Gor." During the Clone Wars, Grievous kept Gor within his castle on the third moon of Outer Rim world Vassek.[3] Gor served as a guard alongside Grievous's IG-100 MagnaGuard battle droids,[5] and came to be loved by the general. Despite Grievous's affection for his pet, the cyborg understood that Gor's abilities as the castle guardian could be enhanced through the use of cybernetics, just as similar technology had improved Grievous's abilities. To that end, the general ordered his caretaker and medical droid, EV-A4-D, to attach four mechanical arms to Gor's back, and to graft exoskeletal armor to the beast's body.[1]

In 22 BBY,[2] Separatist Council member Nute Gunray escaped from Republic captivity while aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Tranquility and fled in a stolen Republic frigate. Intending to reassess Grievous's abilities after the general was defeated numerous times in battle, Confederate Head of State Count Dooku sent the frigate's tracking beacon to Grievous's castle in order to lure Republic forces there. While the general was away from the castle, Dooku remotely deactivated his MagnaGuards, leaving no one to feed Gor.[6] The roggwart was shrieking in hunger by the time Republic forces arrived to search the castle for Gunray.[5]

Gor's Death

Gor's death at the hands of Kit Fisto

Jedi General Kit Fisto, Jedi Knight Nahdar Vebb, and a squad of clone troopers under the command of Clone Commander Fil infiltrated the castle shortly before Grievous returned. Upon his arrival, the general was badly damaged by the Republic and Jedi forces and retreated deep into his castle to be repaired by EV-A4-D. Before beginning his repairs, Grievous released Gor into the corridors of the castle to hunt down the intruders. The roggwart found Fisto, Vebb, and Fil in one of the castle's large rooms and attacked them. Fil fired on Gor several times, but its tough hide and armor rendered the blaster shots ineffective. An aggravated Gor lunged at Fisto, disarming the Nautolan Jedi Master.[5]

As the three intruders surrounded Gor, Fil continued to shoot at the roggwart's neck. Vebb drove his lightsaber into the creature's back, which did little to slow Gor, who quickly bucked Vebb off and grabbed Fil with his prehensile tail, flailing the clone about. Vebb again approached Gor and was again beaten back, this time by the creature's tail that held Fil. Fisto, who had regained his lightsaber, sliced at Gor's face, causing the roggwart to slam Fil into the ground. Vebb rushed forward again, this time slicing off Gor's tail and freeing Fil, who perished from his wounds. Fisto also attacked Gor, who had been distracted by the loss of his tail, slicing off the creature's two front limbs. Gor fell to the ground in pain and was quickly killed by Fisto via a lightsaber stab to the throat. When Grievous's repairs were completed, the general attempted to see if Gor had finished "playing" with the Jedi, only to discover that Gor had been slain—a revelation that greatly upset the general.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit


Gor in Grievous's castle

"Well that was something."
―A clone trooper, upon hearing Gor in Grievous's seemingly empty castle — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Gor was a male roggwart—a large, predatory, non-sentient beast.[3] At a height of 4.5 meters[1] and a weight of 254 kilograms,[4] he had large, sharp teeth and two horns that curved downward from his head. Gor's long tail ended in three prehensile graspers that were capable of impaling foes, and his hands and feet both ended in large claws.[1] His muscular body was capable of withstanding blaster shots and enduring modest lightsaber wounds.[5] Additionally, he had a long, gooey projectile tongue.[8] Gor was fitted with a set of battle armor and four large mechanical arms that extended from his back; the chest plate was included to protect his vital organs, while the helmet was created to protect his brain case.[9] He screeched loudly when hungry. Gor had an aggressive disposition, which was evident during his battle with the Jedi.[6]

Given his position as a guard in Grievous's castle, Gor was likely taken from his brood-nest early in life; only roggwarts taken at a such a young age were able to be trained as watch-guardians or pets. The general himself was fond of Gor, doting on the roggwart during his time in the castle.[7] Grievous indeed identified with the creature, and eventually noted that Gor would benefit from a cybernetic transformation just as he had earlier in his life.[1] Upon discovering his pet's death, Grievous was enraged, and added that offense to an already lengthy list of wrongs the general believed the Jedi Order had committed.[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

Gor was created for the 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. Gor was first mentioned in Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Visual Guide as the first depiction of the roggwart species. He later made his series debut in the season one episode "Lair of Grievous." Gor's voice was created from sounds of a lion and a vulture.[10]

The spelling of Gor's name is disputed by several differing sources. While most sources, including the Visual Guide, claim that it is spelled "Gor," The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars spells it as "Gore." The episode guide also refers to him once as "Gorr." While The Official Episode Guide: Season 1 claims that Gor's species originated on Guiteica, the Star Wars Roleplaying Game supplement Galaxy at War states that they are from Vendaxa instead. In 2010, Gor's homeworld was officially stated to be Guiteica with the release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia.

Gor armor

Concept art of Gor in his armor

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia lists Gor's height as 4.5 meters, while Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Head-to-Head lists it as 4.65 meters. This article assumes that the former source is correct.

Non-canon historyEdit

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Head-to-Head presents a non-canon matchup involving Gor, pitting him against the Wookiee warrior Chewbacca. When Chewbacca becomes trapped inside Grievous's lair on the third moon of Vassek, Gor blocks his escape. However, Chewbacca confronts him directly, and Gor, being unaccustomed to his prey running toward him, fails to prevent the Wookiee from severing his cybernetic limbs. Chewbacca is thus able to trap Gor in a nerve-pinning headlock, causing the roggwart to fall unconscious.[4]


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