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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from The Mandalorian Season Two. Caution is advised.

"You know this is no place for a child."
―Gor Koresh speaks to Din Djarin[src]

Gor Koresh was a male Abyssin who, while at a fighting match, encountered the bounty hunter Din Djarin and the Child during the reign of the New Republic. Djarin told Koresh that he was looking for information on other Mandalorians in the galaxy. Koresh attempted to make Djarin gamble for the information and expressed interest in acquiring his beskar armor, but when Djarin refused, Koresh and several other assailants raised their blasters and surrounded him. However, Djarin used his whistling birds to incapacitate most of the attackers, and as Koresh fled, finished off the rest of his assailants. As Koresh fled outside, he was apprehended by Djarin and hung by his ankles to a light post. After being interrogated, he told Din Djarin that a Mandalorian could be found on Tatooine, swearing this information to be true by the Droid Gotra. Djarin then left him hanging and shot out the light post, allowing several local creatures to advance on him. Djarin left with Koresh pleading with him and screaming in fear.[1]

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Gor Koresh first appeared in the trailer for The Mandalorian Season Two.[2] On YouTube, the trailer's captions initially identified the character as "Gore Keresh,"[3] but they were later changed to remove the name and simply identify the character as an alien.[4] The subtitles on the Disney+ version of the trailer wrote the name as "Gor Koresh" but was also removed.[5] The name was officially revealed as "Gor Koresh" during The Mandalorian Season Two episode, Chapter 9: The Marshal,[1] which first aired on Disney+ on October 30, 2020.[6] He was voiced by John Leguizamo and portrayed in costume by John Rosengrant.[1]

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