"You know this is no place for a child."
"Wherever I go, he goes."
"So I've heard."
―Gor Koresh and Din Djarin[src]

Gor Koresh was a male Abyssin gangster and gambler who organized gladiator matches at his own arena and hunted Mandalorian remnants for their beskar armor during the New Republic's reign. In 9 ABY, the Abyssin met the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin, who was searching for other Mandalorians, at his arena. Koresh attempted to trick the Mandalorian into a bet which could scam him of his beskar armor, but Djarin refused the offer, and the Abyssin and his assailants held the bounty hunter at gunpoint. Djarin defeated Koresh's allies, and intercepted Koresh outside the fighting pit, interrogating the Abyssin for the information he desired. After Koresh gave in, he was left by the Mandalorian to face some local creatures.


Ringside negotiations[]

"Well, I'll bet you the information you seek that this Gamorrean's going to die within the next minute and a half. And all you have to put up in exchange is your shiny beskar armor."
"I'm prepared to pay you for the information. I'm not leaving my fate up to chance."
―Gor Koresh and Din Djarin[src]

Gor Koresh speaks to Din Djarin at his arena

During the reign of the New Republic, the Abyssin[1] gangster and gambler Gor Koresh[3] profited from various criminal activities, including organizing underworld gladiator matches at his own arena[2] in a town. He also hunted Mandalorian remnants for their armor made of beskar, which was rising in value. He at some point heard about a supposed Mandalorian on the planet Tatooine, as well the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin, who closely protected an infant foundling.[1] In 9 ABY,[4] the gangster sat ringside at his arena, betting on one of the Gamorrean fighters in the ring. While observing the fight, Koresh was approached by Djarin, having been told that Koresh knew where to find other Mandalorians, and Grogu. The gambler remarked that the pit was no place for Grogu, but the Mandalorian stated that the foundling went wherever he went.[1]

Djarin told Koresh that he was looking for information on other Mandalorians in the galaxy as part of a quest to return Grogu to his kind. Koresh, though, advised the bounty hunter to enjoy the entertainment instead of going straight to business. The Gamorrean Koresh had bet on was knocked to the ground, and so the gangster shouted for the winning Gamorrean to kill the other fighter. As the losing Gamorrean evaded such fate, Koresh attempted to make Djarin gamble for the information if the losing Gamorrean died within the next minute and a half, asking for the Mandalorian's beskar armor if the bounty hunter lost the bet. Djarin refused, and so Koresh shot the winning Gamorrean with his blaster pistol, and his armed assailants swiftly surrounded the Mandalorian with their own blasters drawn.[1]

Unsuccessful hunt[]

"Beskar's value continues to rise. I've grown quite fond of it. Give it to me now or I will peel it off your corpse."
"Tell me where the Mandalorians are and I'll walk outta here without killing you."
―Gor Koresh and Din Djarin[src]

Din Djarin releases whistling birds on Gor Koresh's armed thugs

The arena's audience promptly fled the arena, and Koresh bragged about not having to seek out Djarin for his armor. The gangster demanded Djarin's armor in return for not killing the Mandalorian. In reply, the Djarin threatened to kill Koresh if he did not tell him where other Mandalorians could be found. Shortly after, the Mandalorian used his whistling birds to eliminate Koresh's armed assailants and fought the arena's workers. Koresh fled the arena as the Mandalorian defeated his remaining opponents.[1]

Koresh ran outside and down the street when Djarin, exiting the arena, snared the gambler with his grappling line. The Mandalorian then pulled Koresh across the ground and hung him on a light post. The Abyssin offered Djarin the information he desired in return for his life, and revealed what he knew of the alleged Mandalorian on Tatooine, swearing this information to be true by the[1] droid emancipation group[5] Droid Gotra. Djarin then began leaving, and Koresh begged to be freed from the grappling line. The Mandalorian instead shot out the light post with his blaster pistol, allowing several local creatures to advance on the gangster, who screamed in fear.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"It's uncouth to talk business immediately. Just enjoy the entertainment."
―Gor Koresh, to Din Djarin[src]

Gor Koresh was a 1.73 meter tall Abyssin male with green skin, gray hair and a single brown eye. The Abyssin had a habit of double-crossing or killing anyone who interfered with his exploits.[2] He grew fond of beskar as it rose in value, and hunted Mandalorians to harvest their beskar armor. The gangster found it convenient for a Mandalorian, Din Djarin, to come to him. Seeing Grogu, he pointed out that the arena was not a place for the foundling.[1]

Fearing for his life Gor Koresh gave up information to Din Djarin

Koresh also attempted to trick the Mandalorian into betting for information as an attempt to trick the bounty hunter into handing over his beskar armor. When Djarin did not play into the gambler's trick, Koresh and his assailants held him at gunpoint, and Koresh bragged to the Mandalorian. After Djarin defeated all of Koresh's allies and apprehended him, the Abyssin gave up information on a possible Mandalorian in an attempt to preserve his life.[1]


"Normally, I have to seek out remnants of you Mandalorians in your hidden hives to harvest your precious shiny shells."
―Gor Koresh, to Din Djarin[src]

Gor Koresh wore brown under-clothing with brown gloves a white sport coat, including a symbol of his arena, intended to give an air of respectability. He donned black trousers and brown boots. He also wielded a blaster pistol which was modified for Abyssin vision.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"But I like you being the high status mob boss, even if you don't do the character of Don Corleone."
―Jon Favreau directs John Leguizamo in voicing Gor Koresh[src]

Concept art of Din Djarin and Gor Koresh by Khang Le

Gor Koresh first appeared in the trailer for the second season of Jon Favreau's Disney+ series The Mandalorian, which was published on YouTube on September 15, 2020.[6] On YouTube, the trailer's captions initially identified the character as "Gore Keresh,"[7] but they were later changed to remove the name and simply identify the character as an alien.[8] The subtitles on the Disney+ version of the trailer wrote the name as "Gor Koresh" but was also removed.[9] The name was officially revealed as "Gor Koresh" during The Mandalorian Season Two debut "Chapter 9: The Marshal," which was directed by Favreau[1] and first aired on Disney+ on October 30, 2020.[10] Koresh was voiced by John Leguizamo and portrayed in costume by John Rosengrant.[1]

During Leguizamo's rehearsal for Koresh's voicing, Favreau advised the voice actor to come across like a "high status mob boss" like Don Corleone from The Godfather film series.[11]


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