Gorath was a cruiser that served in the Grand Imperial Navy of Warlord Foga Brill, the Governor of Prakith.


Gorath was identified by New Republic personnel as a variant of the Strike-class medium cruiser, but in Prakith service, the ship was designated as a light cruiser at less than 300 meters in length, and it was armed with eight primary turbolaser batteries. Gorath also carried at least five breaching pods, each of which could convey a squad of assault troops to board another ship.


In 17 ABY, the Gorath was considered a significantly newer vessel by the sensor master of the patrol destroyer Tobay, itself a ship of then-recent design. She was commanded by Captain Voba Dokrett. When the Gorath attacked the Teljkon Vagabond, she was reduced to a hulk by the ancient ship's exotic weaponry, and most of her crew were slain.

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Behind the scenes[]

Gorath was also the name of a server—or "Galaxy"—in Star Wars Galaxies.

It may be named after the 1962 Japanese science fiction film, Gorath.