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"I still remember seeing the starship. It roared like a Gorax in the sky, trailing smoke and flame."

The Gorax were a species of behemoths found on the forest moon of Endor who frequently preyed on the Ewoks.

Biology and culture[]


A gorax with pet boar-wolves and an Ewok running underneath

Lyrre T'enna seemed to believe that the Gorax were native to Endor, conjecturing that the gravitational pull of the planet Endor on its moon allowed for native species to grow to incredible sizes.[3] Other scientists believed the Gorax originated on the homeworld of the Phlogs, another gigantic species found on the moon, and that both the Gorax and Phlogs were introduced to the moon by the crashed slave caravel Sickly Tremor.[4]

Humanoid in appearance, adult Gorax were usually over six meters tall. Some specimens were up to 30 meters in height. Their bodies were covered in thick, matted fur, which was black, brown, or sometimes gray. Their hairless faces were dominated by protruding lower jaws and heavy brows. Some Gorax had hoof-like feet, while others had long toes, and either a long, narrow heel, or a backward-pointing fourth toe. Though they were omnivorous, their pointed teeth were well adapted to eating meat. They had wide, long, and pointed ears that were highly sensitive to noises made by small animals. Though their hearing was strong, their eyesight was weak. Bright light pained them, making them nocturnal hunters.

Gorax - SWGTCG

A Gorax attacks a Force-sensitive

Powerful but primitive, and albeit demonstrating signs of developing sentience, their technology was crude even in comparison to the Ewoks. They were limited to simple items such as clubs, stone axes, animal-skin clothing, and the like.[5] They communicated by making grumbling noises. Gorax were solitary creatures, but they did domesticate boar-wolves[3] (usually by killing a mother boar-wolf and stealing a newborn pup).[6] They also raided Ewok villages, where they smashed through walls to capture Ewoks. Gorax took Ewoks both for food and to be kept in a hanging cage in a Gorax lair as pets. Luckily for the Ewoks, Gorax were not a common species, with fewer than two dozen estimated to reside on Endor.[7]

Gorax in the galaxy[]

According to an Ewok legend, the Gorax King was imprisoned in the night sky above Endor by the golden sun god. The Ewoks referred to the Din Nebula as the "Gorax King's Heart," in reference to the legend.[8]

A Teräs Käsi attack was known as gorax smash.[9]

One Gorax dwelled on high crags beyond the Desert of Salma, which was far from the Endor forests. His home was a rearing spider-infested cavern built beneath a mountain fortress.[5] It was not known if the giant built his massive fortress.[10] This Gorax kidnapped two Humans who had crash-landed on Endor, Catarine and Jeremitt Towani. Their children, Mace and Cindel, rescued them with the help of a group of Ewoks from Bright Tree Village (including Deej Warrick and his sons Wicket, Willy, and Weechee Warrick). During the rescue mission, the Towani children and the Ewok warriors killed the giant by making him fall into one of the many chasms in his fortress.[5]

A Gorax head was found in the trophy room of Imperial Captain Ozzik Sturn on Kashyyyk.[11]

Behind the scenes[]


Gorax concept art by Ralph McQuarrie

The Gorax species made its first appearance in the 1984 TV movie Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure.[5] The individual Gorax was played by Jon Berg,[12] who also designed it. He portrayed it with both a stop-motion model as well as himself in costume.[13]

Gorax shares basic similarities with the Bobog,[14] the Grudakk,[15] and the Red Nebula temple guardian's species,[16] notably a prolific stature, but no source has indicated whether any of them share genetic ancestry.


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