"It is a mystery why one would call Gorc and Pic twins. Even though one is a miniature version of the other, they look nothing alike. They also don’t battle alike. Pic is the energy and Gorc, the counter. They are the clashing balance of opposites: one, the voice; the other, the body. This combination is deadly."
Qu Rahn as a Force ghost, to Kyle Katarn[src]

Gorc was the younger "brother" of Pic, and one of Jerec's band of seven Dark Jedi who were in search of the lost Valley of the Jedi.


Gorc often carried his "brother" Pic on his shoulder.

Gorc was originally a Gamorrean from the planet of Gamorr who was captured by the Empire when his older brother Thok betrayed him in an effort to save his own hide. Gorc ended up in Imperial scientist Tuzin Gast's Project Chubar, but he and Pic were taken by Palpatine's monster-maker Blackhole when the Emperor's Hand needed two Force-sensitive "animal" subjects for his latest experiment.

Gorc preferred not to engage in conversation, which he left to Pic. He was the less aggressive of the pair, but that did not make him any less dangerous. Despite his slow wit, Gorc was a masterful craftsman, single-handedly constructing Pic's suit of M'uhk'gfa armor.

Later in Jerec's quest for the Valley of the Jedi, Gorc and Pic were paired to protect 8t88, a droid which was important for Kyle Katarn to acquire. Katarn found the droid and engaged Gorc and Pic in a lightsaber fight. Gorc underestimated his enemy, thinking he could simply squash Katarn, and this led to his death. Kyle fired a blaster-shot into the Sithspawn's face, killing him instantly. Pic soon followed.

Powers and abilities


Gorc (right) and Pic (left), the Brothers of the Sith.

"A creature of few words. How refreshing."
Qu Rahn[src]

Gorc was huge, slow, and heavy. He had a long and thick lightclub, the blade of which was orange, and used slow yet powerful strikes at his enemies. Other than his use of Force Grip to immobilize enemies, Gorc focused on the more martial aspects of the Force.

Behind the scenes



Gorc is realized by a computer-generated imagery character in the game itself as well as in cutscenes. He was first seen aside Jerec in the introductory cutscene of the game Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, where he observed how Jerec killed Jedi Master Qu Rahn.

Gorc and Pic were referred to as the Brothers of the Sith in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.

Gorc's expertise at craftsmanship means that he may have designed his own M'uhk'gfa armor; after all, he did design his brother Pic's.

Gorc is the only Dark Jedi in the game not to talk. In the game's credits he is credited as "himself".

Gorc canonically died first, but this isn't necessary during gaming.



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