"Count Vidian! My name is Gord Grallik, security chief for Moonglow. You are under arrest for the murder of our supervisor—and my wife!"
―Gord Grallik, to Denetrius Vidian[src]

Gord Grallik was a Besalisk security chief of the mining company Moonglow Polychemical on the planet Gorse eight years after the Clone Wars. He was married to the company's supervisor, Lal Grallik. Grallik was killed by the cybernetic Imperial efficiency expert Count Denetrius Vidian after Grallik attempted to arrest Vidian for murdering his wife Lal.


Moonglow PolychemicalEdit

Gord Grallik was the head of ground security at Moonglow Polychemical, a small refinery company based in Shaketown on the planet Gorse. He was the wife of Lal Grallik, the company's Chief Operations Officer who had worked for Moonglow and its predecessor Introsphere for the past twenty years. Gorse was present at Moonglow's spaceport when the freight pilot Kanan Jarrus handed a bound and gagged the dissident miner Skelly into the company's custody. Skelly had opposed blasting on the thorilide–rich moon of Cynda and had assaulted Imperial stormtroopers and staged a test bombing which cause a cave-in. Skelly had been captured by Kanan, who was angry that Skelly's actions had endangered his recovery team's life.[2]

Later, Gord was present when Lal contacted the Imperial Count Denetrius Vidian to inform him that they were holding Skelly. He watched as Vidian enquired about their firm's history and informed Lal that he would be conducting a tour within the next twelve hours. Vidian also informed them that an Imperial repulsorlift would arrive within the next five minutes to pick up Skelly. Gord expressed that the Empire would visit their firm since Moonglow was a small operation. At Lal's insistence, Gord removed Skelly's gang, allowing the man to speak. Gord complied but remarked that he thought it was a bad idea. When Skelly asked why they did not allow him to speak to Vidian, Lal replied that they were already terrified of the infamous cyborg. Gord then reassured his wife that she did a good job running Moonglow and that he would get their cousins to mop up the place prior to the tour.[2]

When Skelly told them that he would expose the destructive practices of the mining firms on Cynda, Gord told Lal to forget about Skelly. He then informed Lal that Kanan was quitting his job at Moonglow and suggested that she talk him out of it; citing his efforts to save lives during the cave-in on Cynda. Shortly later, they heard someone ringing the buzzer at the gate. Thinking it was the Imperials, Gord and Lal went out to meet them only to discover that a criminal gang known as the Sarlaccs were stealing their hovertruck. During the brief skirmish, Gord and his cousins exchanged fire with the gang. However, this was a ruse created by the rebel operative Hera Syndulla to rescue Skelly.[2]

Final inspection and deathEdit

Gord stood by his wife and the Mayor of Shaketown during Count Vidian's tour of Moonglow Polychemical. Due to Vidian's high profile status, Gord had take extra security precautions. Vidian's Imperial shuttle Truncheon landed on the street outside Moonglow, which had been cordoned off for security reasons. Count Vidian was accompanied by an entourage that included the Imperial Navy Captain Rae Sloane and several stormtroopers.[2]

Upon landing, Sloane questioned Gord's competence in the light of Skelly's escape. Before Gord could respond in anger, Lal managed to calm the atmosphere by reassuring Sloane that her husband's tea, had triple-checked every square meter of the site. The tour coincided with the arrival of a hoverbus carrying the next work shift. Despite Gord's precautions, the rebel Hera and her new ally Kanan managed to infiltrate the facility in the hoverbus. Hera was tailing Vidian's movements. Meanwhile, the fugitive Skelly managed to infiltrate the facility with the help of the diner Drakka, whose restaurant had been adversely affected by the Imperial tour and was willing to help those who opposed the Empire.[2]

While accompanying his wife and the visitors on the inspection, Gord received communication through his comlink of an intruder sneaking around he personnel department in the rear of the plant. While Gord insisted that was his turf, Sloane dispatched several stormtrooper escorts to investigate. While Gord and the stormtroopers were absent, Skelly tried to reason with Vidian and convince him to cease all thorilide mining operations on Cynda. However, Vidian instead assaulted him and Skelly fled into the conveyer belt system. Later, Vidian received news from his rival Baron Lero Danthe that the Emperor had tripled Gorse's thorilide output. When Lal told Vidian that her firm could not cope with this output, he murdered her by throwing her into a vat of xenoboric acid.[2]

The murder was witnessed by the rebel infiltrator Hera who rushed to the scene but was too late to save Lal. Shortly later, Gord, who had heard the screams of his wife, arrived. A distraught Gord attempted to dive into the acid pool and save his wife but Hera restrained him by grabbing his left arms. When Hera attempted to console Gord, he demanded to know whether she had murdered his wife. Hera told him that she was innocent and to check the security monitors. Gord led Hera to the security control stations and replied that he would check it.[2]

Upon witnessing the recording of Vidian murdering his wife, Gord was consumed by rage and grief. Meanwhile, Vidian decided to cut his tour short after coming up with a new idea to increase Gorse's thorilide output. Using Skelly's research, he decided to detonate Cynda in order to gain access to its thorilide reserves. Before he could leave, Skelly blew up his shuttle, leaving him stranded. Following the explosion, Gord marched out of the firm's gate and demanded that the stormtroopers arrest Vidian. When Gord tried to follow Vidian into the commandeered hoverbus, he was restrained and beaten up by four stormtroopers. The incident was witnessed by Hera, who resolved to continue fighting the Empire.[2]

Gord followed the hoverbus to the Imperial spaceport where Vidian had been delayed by the bombing of his second shuttle. Gord made a second attempt to arrest Vidian and told him that he would be fairly treated at the Gorse City Jail. Vidian then ordered his men to blast him but Gord managed to shoot the stormtrooper escorts with his blaster. Consumed by rage, Gord hurled a sonic grenade which hit several nearby stormtroopers. Gord's fight was complicated by the presence of Hera, Kanan, and Skelly who escaped on the hoverbus. Gord also attempted to take on Vidian himself but was killed by the Count, who pummelled him to death with his metallic fists.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Gord Grallik was a loving and loyal husband to his wife Lal Grallik. As a Besalisk, he had four arms and two legs. He was unconcerned about the environmental effects of thorilide mining on Cynda moon. He had an acrimonious relationship with the criminal gang known as the Sarlaccs. Gord was consumed by grief and rage when his wife was murdered by the Imperial Count Vidian and attempted to apprehend him, but was killed by Vidian.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Gord first appeared as a supporting character in John Jackson Miller's 2014 novel A New Dawn, the first Canon novel to be produced in consultation with the Lucasfilm Story Group. His lines are told through the points of view of Skelly, Hera, and Vidian. According to the author, Gord's story was intended to deal with the question of how local law enforcement would deal with crimes committed by Imperial officials like Vidian. Miller also revealed that he had originally intended for Gord to join Hera's rebel team but changed his mind because he felt that Gord's death demonstrated Hera's lesson of having a plan and strategy to fight against the Empire.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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