"Well, we'll need a new Keshiri bearer for the ward-room."
"What happened to the last one, Orlenda? Did you finally kill him with your kindnesses?"
"No. He's dead."
―Orlenda and Seelah Korsin, referring to Gorem[1]

Gorem was a Keshiri male servant of the Lost Tribe of Sith on the remote planet Kesh. Gorem worked as a bearer in the Sith ward-room, where he grew close to a woman named Orlenda. In 4985 BBY, he was sent to work on the crashed Sith starship Omen, in order to recover anything that could be useful. While toiling away in an apothecary, Gorem came into contact with the deadly compound cyanogen silicate, which killed him soon after. His death gave his supervisor, Ravilan Wroth, the idea to use cyanogen silicate to create the appearance of a mysterious plague, which would force the Sith leaders to focus on a way off Kesh.


"The big one? Gosem?"
Gorem. Yes, he died last week. We'd loaned him to Ravilan's team breaking down one of the decks of the Omen, looking for whatever it is they look for to use."
―Seelah Korsin and Orlenda[1]

A male Keshiri, Gorem was a native of the planet Kesh, where he lived in the era after the Great Hyperspace War. Gorem served the Lost Tribe of Sith, a group of Sith castaways who had crashed on the remote world in 5000 BBY, and convinced the Keshiri to worship them as gods. Gorem worked as a bearer for the ward-room where the children of the Lost Tribe were born, and by 4985 BBY had begun a flirtation with a human woman named Orlenda, the assistant to prominent Sith and head medic Seelah Korsin. Physically strong, that year Gorem was sent to work under Sith Ravilan Wroth, breaking down the decks of the crashed Sith starship Omen in search of whatever the Lost Tribe could use. While working on the ship's Massassi apothecary, Gorem touched a deck plate stained with the lethal compound cyanogen silicate. When he washed his hands, the cyanogen silicate intensified, and he died not long after. Gorem's body was thrown over a nearby cliff into the sea.[1]

The death of Gorem gave Wroth an idea—he had been searching for a way to convince his superiors, namely Lost Tribe leader Yaru Korsin, to withdraw from Keshiri affairs and focus on finding a way offplanet. Using cyanogen silicate, Wroth killed thousands in the city Tetsubal, in an attempt to frighten Korsin with the appearance of a mysterious plague. After subsequent "outbreaks" in other nearby towns, Wroth's plan was discovered, and he was executed along with most of the rest of the Lost Tribe's non-Human members.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Gorem was, well you remember, so strong"

With a beefy physique, Gorem was very physically strong and well-suited to labor, which led to confusion as to the cause of his death while working on the Omen. Gorem was particularly close with the human female Orlenda, who was quite enamored with him.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Gorem received his first and only mention in Star Wars canon in John Jackson Miller's 2010 eBook, Lost Tribe of the Sith: Paragon.[1]


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