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Gorgs, known as chubas in Huttese, were small amphibians that could be found on several planets, from the swamps of Naboo to the sewers of Tatooine. They were favored as food by many humanoid species, either dried, fricasseed, or roasted in manak leaves. In Huttese, "hot chubas" were called "hotsa chuba."

Biology and appearanceEdit

There were many species of gorgs, including long-tailed, three-eyed, and four-eyed varieties. Different types of gorgs were eventually introduced to the populations of Naboo and its moon of Rori, where they evolved to become large, flesh-eating creatures. Gorgs were also known to be mutated by bio-engineers. One such mutation resulted in the successful growth of a chubafly. The chubafly was essentially a colorful gorg, but with wings that made it capable of flying.

Gorgs in the galaxyEdit

Gorg db

A gorg for sale in Mos Espa

Gorg eggs were edible and were used, poached, as an ingredient in "Hungry Hutt" breakfast sandwiches on Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant in Dex's Diner. Gorgs on Tatooine could be found in three places: profogg burrows, encased in their hardened saliva cocoons; sewers, where harvesters bred them illegally; and gorgmonger farms.

Gorgmongers, such as Tatooine's Gragra, would root a gorg pod in an amniotic-like fluid and feed it a variety of things, including funnel flowers, razor moss—or even raw sewage. Soon, the specimen would lay eggs, which would then hatch into tadpoles after several days. The gorgmonger would then separate these hatchlings from the adult (as adult gorgs will devour their young) and raise them to maturity. Only then could the amphibians be sold in the bazaar or marketplace.


When Gragra left Mos Espa to work elsewhere, this caused the gorg population in the sewers to grow considerably over the following years. Homeless people often fed on these gorgs.[2]

In 32 BBY—just out of curiosity—the Gungan Jar Jar Binks fetched a gorg with his tongue from Gragra's booth at the market of Mos Espa on Tatooine, and was told he would have to pay seven wupiupi for it. Shocked at the cost, Binks spat the gorg out, inadvertently ruining Sebulba's meal in the process and nearly being beaten to a pulp by an enraged Sebulba until Anakin Skywalker broke up the fight.

Gorgs were a favored food of Jabba Desilijic Tiure. At the beginning of the Boonta Eve Classic, Jabba bit off a gorg's head and spat it at a gong, signaling the start of the race.

In 1 ABY, Byxle Pedette, the chef and owner of the Tasty Dried Critters franchise, employed spacers to deliver gorgs. Yet the gorgs would often be delivered alive, much to the shock of the customer.[3]



A gorg from Jabba's snack bowl



A mutated chubafly

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