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Gormaanda was a female[1] member of a four-armed species and a famed chef. Maz Kanata's chef, Strono "Cookie" Tuggs, discovered ancient holovids of Gormaanda and was inspired to become a culinary artist.[2] Tuggs, a physically unattractive Artiodac, considered her a force of nature and was touched by the way Gormaanda was able to take the most plain and even ugly foods and turn them into something beautiful. After viewing her holovids, he felt that if she could do that with food, she could do it for him also.[1]

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Gormaanda in The Star Wars Holiday Special

In Star Wars canon Gormaanda was first mentioned in the 2016 short story "A Recipe for Death" written by Landry Q. Walker.[2] The reference to Gormaanda was inspired by the Star Wars Legends character of the same name, who appeared in the variety show-esque Star Wars Holiday Special portrayed by Harvey Korman.

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