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This article is about the domesticated animal. You may be looking for the crime lord Gornt Seron.
"So there was this Bothan who walked into a tapcaf with a gornt under his arm..."
―Wedge Antilles tells a joke[src]

The gornt was a domesticated, omnivorous creature native on the world of Hethar; it was introduced to many agriworlds, including Pakrik Minor. When the animal was discovered on the planet by the Galactic Republic, their meat was found to be sweet, juicy, and highly nutritious. Gornt meat became a standard within Imperial soldiers' rations. A naturally bred gornt would grow to a meter or more long and was supported by four limbs, two small front legs and two large hind legs. Their head had a single horn and their mouths were surrounded by tendrils which they used to eat almost anything. Easily digested by the gornt's system, its diet was transformed to the immensely nutritious meat. Raising meat gornt became a prime cash enterprise; however, after the Empire annexed the animal's native planet, the gornt meat industry was mismanaged by the loss of genetic variation, and the quality of the meat produced was on the decline.

Their skin was also used to make clothing. They were referenced in the title of A Google of Gornts.

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