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"Send out the Gorog!"
"But, my Lord, the arena's restraints… they haven't been properly tested!"
"Open the Gorog gate! Now!"
―Baron Merillion Tarko orders his Neimoidian aide to release the Gorog[2]

The Gorog[3] was a gargantuan beast used in the Tarko-se Arena on Cato Neimoidia. The immense, bipedal creature possessed a hunched stance, two human-like hands with opposable thumbs, two hearts, and four tusks protruding from its lower jaw. The Gorog was ordered released by Baron Merillion Tarko, against the advice of an aide concerned about the arena's untested restraint system, as a last-ditch effort to stop Galen Marek's clone from rescuing Jedi General Rahm Kota from the arena. This act of recklessness would prove fatal for Baron Tarko, as he was killed by the indiscriminate giant.[2]


Starkiller v Gorog

The Gorog's immense size in comparison to Starkiller

The Gorog was a creature of immense size. It had a large muscular midsection and forearms, while its upper arm and upper leg were more skeletal, with its gray leathery skin growing around the bone, creating a hole where the biceps or thigh, respectively, of most humanoids would be. Its legs were small in comparison to the rest of its body, and included a hock ankle, making them appear more beast-like in the lower half than humanoid, as its body's head and top section would suggest. The Gorog's head included a humanoid face with sharp teeth and four large bone tusks protruding from the lower jaw. It had a metal plate on its head covering a large scar, suggesting a (failed) surgical approach to restraints, coupled with chains and huge electromagnetic shackles. None of this, however, was enough to keep the gigantic creature in captivity.[2]


"No time, General! What the hell is this thing?!"
"I have no idea, but it's big!"
"That's perceptive, for a blind man. Now how do I kill it?!"
"I'm not sure you can!"
―Starkiller and Kota argue about the Gorog[2]

The planetary origin of the Gorog is unknown, as is whether or not there were more in existence than the specimen held in the Tarko-se Arena on Cato Neimoidia. According to the religious text "Yorgalock" of the Reegau tribesman, the first Gorog was made by a creator deity that attempted to create a being greater than itself. However, the Gorog crushed the Creator in its fist and immediately began scouring the land for food. The text warned that the Gorog is the "end of all things" and that "only those that hide in his shadow will survive" .

It was released by orders of Baron Merillion Tarko to confront the clone of Galen Marek, despite protests from a Neimoidian aide that the restraining devices intended to restrict the creature's movement while in the arena hadn't been completely tested. Indeed, during the clone Marek's fight with it, he trapped the Gorog's arms several times, but it repeatedly broke away from the restraints.

Starkiller engaged the giant beast in combat, and quickly discovered that it possessed considerable power. It tried to smash him several times with its fists, but the clone was able to restrain it for a short time. After Starkiller attacked the Gorog's head, however, the creature became angry, broke free, and destroyed the arena's supports. Starkiller was able to escape and, along with Rahm Kota, confronted Baron Tarko. However, the Gorog destroyed the platform they were on, killed the Baron, and grabbed General Kota. Following that, the Gorog fell into the arena. The entire structure collapsed under the creature's weight and also tumbled down into the depths.

Starkiller jumped after the creature and, after a longer struggle while falling, he was able to hurt the Gorog. He then used the Force to burst through the creature's torso, which caused the Gorog to release Kota from its grip. Kota was able to use a device to call the Rogue Shadow and escaped with Starkiller. The Gorog then fell into one of Cato Neimoidia's canyons.


Boba Fett killing the Gorog

While following the wake of destruction caused by Marek's clone, bounty hunters Boba Fett and Xasha found the battered Gorog. The creature revived suddenly and, despite already being grievously injured, aggressively began to attack the two mercenaries. Fett, having scanned the creature, identified a second heart within the Gorog. Fett fired a back-mounted rocket at the Gorog's heart and used his jetpack to fly through the gaping wound in the creature's torso, finally killing the beast.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Starkiller vs Gorog

The Gorog facing Starkiller as seen in The Force Unleashed II teaser trailer

The Gorog first appeared in the teaser trailer of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, where it faces Starkiller in a gladiatorial arena on Cato Neimoidia, although its appearance differed slightly in comparison to its final design seen in the game.

This beast was referred to as a "morloch" in a French gaming magazine.[4]

In the Star Wars: The Forced Unleashed II comic, Boba Fett and Xasha find the corpse of the Gorog among the rubble within the suspended bridge city of Tarko-se.[1] This contradicts other versions of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, which depict the creature plummeting from the city during its battle with Starkiller.

The third part of the battle with the Gorog, which was set while it was plummeting, was omitted from the Wii version. Also, the Gorog was depicted without its head covering in the Wii version.



TFU2 Gorog artwork

Concept art of Gorog

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