The Goroth system was a binary star system located within the Trans-Nebular sector of the Mid Rim.


The Goroth system was one of a dozen systems within the Trans-Nebular Zone of the Trans-Nebular sector. As the Vestor Pulsar made this whole area a hyperspace "dead zone", travelling was rather difficult. The system could usually be reached with two- or three-leg jumps. From the Perlemian Trade Route, Goroth could be reach with a three-leg route within twelve days or with a faster, more dangerous two-leg jump within ten days. The closest system was the Baylin Cluster, 14 hours away, while the sector capital, Milarian, was 22 hours away.[3]

The system had two suns: Goroth Alpha, a standard, main-sequence red-orange star, most commonly referred to as "the sun" or "K'Len" by the Gorothites.[3] The second star was Goroth Beta, a brown dwarf at the most outward orbital position. The system had four planets, one of them, Goroth Prime having spawned sentient life.[4]

Orbital bodiesEdit


The closest of the planets to Goroth Alpha, Oris was nickel-iron-rock asteroid, captured by the sun. Relatively small, it was completely lifeless and had an orbit of 2.6 light minutes.[3]

Goroth PrimeEdit

The only inhabited planet with sentient life in the system orbiting at 7.1 light minutes,[4] it was once a pleasant terrestrial world with three moons. The native Gorothites evolved relatively late and became members of the Old Republic around 7,500 BBY. Goroth was devastated during the Corellian/Aqualish war around 4000 BBY when the Gorothites tried to play both sides against each other. Believed to be a volcanic wasteland for the next few millennia, the world was rediscovered during the reign of the Galactic Empire.


A gas giant with a perihelion orbit of 40.7 light minutes, Deneva had a low density and a small, solid core. The planet was inhabited by non-intelligent gasbag-like creatures which grazed the atmosphere's organic compounds. Deneva had a strong magnetic field that, in conjunction with it's closest moon, formed a dangerous ionic storm.[4]


The other of the system's gas giants, Denbalen, was similar to Deneva in appearance, but had a higher density and no magnetic fields. It orbited the sun at 67.2 light minutes. Although smaller than its sister world, Denbalen had a larger core, almost the size of Goroth Prime. One of its moons, P'Check contained the ruins of an extinct species.[4]

Goroth BetaEdit

Goroth Beta was the most outward orbital body and a gas giant that never ignited into a star. Orbiting at 340.3 light minutes, it had some nuclear activity but was considered lifeless.[5]



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