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The Gorothites were humanoid sentients indigenous to Goroth Prime. In their own language they were called "B'Dellyi (sing. B'Del)," which meant "the People."

Society and culture

Central to Gorothite society was the j'ber, a family unit or group of individuals connected by bonds of blood and honor. The known j'bers to exist were:


During the Corellian/Aqualish war c.4000 BBY, the struggle between the Aqualish and Corellians fought for control of Goroth Prime's mining resources. The desolation brought about on the planet became known as the Se'Lenti, translated from Gorothite into Basic as "the Scouring," when asteroids were deliberately crashed into the planet, killing some five billion Gorothites and releasing vaporized hyperbaride from the crust into the atmosphere.

In 17 BBY the Gorothites were enslaved by the Galactic Empire under the control of Governor Marsh Limoth and Moff Nebin Cray. The Night Wind resistance movement arose in response. The Gorothite were eventually freed by the Alliance to Restore the Republic shortly after the Battle of Yavin.


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