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"So wanna meet my team? Kaz, meet Lin Gaava and Gorrak Wiles. Hardest-working crew this side of the Western Reaches."
―Jace Rucklin to Kazuda Xiono[src]

Gorrak Wiles was a male Sullustan who lived during the era of the New Republic. He worked as a mechanic on Jace Rucklin's team at the Colossus on Castilon. He had black eyes and light skin. After Rucklin and fellow team member Lin Gaava's defection to the First Order prior to the Colossus' escape from Castilon, Wiles, the only non-human of the team, remained onboard the supertanker fuel depot.


Gorrak Wiles was a member of Jace Rucklin's racing team during the New Republic era, which also included the human woman Lin Gaava. They had a reputation as fun-loving pranksters who had a lackadaisical attitude towards work aboard the Colossus platform on the planet Castilon.[1]

Exploiting XionoEdit

Wiles and his associates took an interest in the newcomer Kazuda Xiono, an undercover Resistance spy who worked as a mechanic at Jarek Yeager's repair station. Taking advantage of Xiono's dissatisfaction with his employer Yeager, Rucklin and his associates befriended Xiono, inviting him to have fun with them. Gorrak quipped about hard work and remarked that Yeager was a strange boss for not giving breaks.[1]

Shortly later, Wiles and Gaava watched from the platform while Rucklin and Xiono raced on speeder bikes in the sea. When Xiono's bike malfunctioned and sunk into the ocean, Rucklin rescued him, gaining Xiono's trust. After Xiono left with his employer Yeager, Rucklin thanked Wiles and Gaava for sabotaging the bike since they had gained Xiono's trust.[1]

Later, Wiles, Gaava, and Rucklin were working on Rucklin racer when Xiono visited Rucklin's hangar. Wiles expressed sympathy for Xiono, who was having a difficult time with Yeager. Wiles and Rucklin told Xiono they could use some Corellian hyperfuel, which Gorrak described as a "hot sauce". Rucklin subsequently convinced Xiono to allow him to visit Yeager's trophy room, where he stole a canister of Corellian hyperfuel. When Ruckling returned, Wiles and Gaava praised their boss for the heist.[1]

Wiles and Gaava were present when Rucklin fired up his racer with hyperfuel. Before Rucklin could depart, Xiono arrived and tried to warn Rucklin of the danger of flying with hyperfuel. A tussle ensued. Xiono managed to rescue an unwilling Rucklin, but Rucklin's racer was destroyed. After BB-8 and Yeager rescued Xiono and Rucklin, Wiles and Gaava silently supported Rucklin when he lambasted Xiono for destroying his racer. Xiono countered by charging Rucklin with stealing the hyperfuel, which Rucklin publicly denied.[1]

The pirate raidEdit

During Kragan Gorr's pirate raid on the Colossus, Wiles and Gaava tried to salvage material from the Colossus marketplace, which had been thrown into chaos as a result of the raid.[2]

Flight of the ColossusEdit

After the Colossus' escape from Castilon, Wiles was present in Aunt Z's Tavern prior to the platform's arrival in the Ileenium system.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Gorrak Wiles was a male Sullustan with light skin and black eyes. Wiles and his associates had a reputation for laziness, humor, playing pranks, and their lackadaisical attitude towards work. Wiles regarded Yeager as a hard boss for not giving his employees breaks. He also knew that Yeager was once a skilled racer before becoming a mechanic. Wiles and Gaava shared their leader Rucklin's willingness to steal and exploit his friendship with Xiono to advance Rucklin's racing ambitions.[1]

Wiles and Gaava later took advantage of a pirate raid on the Colossus to salvage supplies from the Colossus marketplace.[2]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Gorrak Wiles was a mechanic who was familiar with starship parts.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Gorrak Wiles is a character created and developed for Star Wars Resistance. He is voiced by Eric Bauza.[4]



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