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"A risky route. Passes very close to that red supergiant."

Gorrm was a male assistant and chief navigator for Ssk Kahorr, a merchant lord active in the Koros system in the years leading up to the Great Hyperspace War. In 5000 BBY, one of Kahorr's drone ships, the Zeta Five, was destroyed on a run to the Goluud system after taking a route called the Goluud Corridor. The enraged Kahorr had Gorrm hire assassins to kill the two navigators who had plotted the Goluud Corridor, Gav and Jori Daragon. However, the assassins were fended off by the Jedi Knights Odan-Urr and Memit Nadill. The Daragons escaped the system, but Jori returned later, proclaiming that she had found the long-lost Sith Empire, and that they were planning to attack the Galactic Republic. Kahorr took this opportunity to seize Daragon's ship, the Starbreaker 12, as payment for the destruction of Zeta Five. Kahorr and Gorrm subsequently took the ship for a joyride to test its controls; however, the ship was destroyed by an incoming Sith fleet, resulting in Gorrm's death.


Gorrm served lord Ssk Kahorr.

Gorrm, a tall simian sentient male, worked as the assistant and chief navigator to merchant lord Ssk Kahorr, who was active in the Koros system in the years leading up to the Great Hyperspace War. In 5000 BBY, Gorrm launched a drone ship, the Zeta Five, to deliver much-needed supplies and provisions to a mining colony on Goluud Minor, in the Goluud system. The route to be taken was called the Goluud Corridor, and Gorrm, who was responsible for locking in the coordinates and preparing the ship for launch, raised concerns that the Goluud Corridor passed perilously close to the system's red supergiant star, Primus Goluud. Kahorr was quick to dismiss these concerns, trusting fully in the Navigators' Guild safety standards. However, after the ship was launched, Gorrm's fears were confirmed. By the time the Zeta Five reached the Goluud system, stellar activity in Primus Goluud had entered into a violent phase, and a massive solar flare obliterated the ship and its cargo. An enraged Kahorr had Gorrm hire assassins and send them after the two navigators who had plotted the route, Gav and Jori Daragon. The two were rescued by a pair of Jedi Knights, Odan-Urr and Memit Nadill, and the Daragons were subsequently able to escape the Koros system in their ship, the Starbreaker 12.[2]

The Starbreaker 12 short before being destroyed

Jori Daragon later returned, alone, in the Starbreaker 12, claiming that after their escape, she and her brother had happened upon the Sith Empire,[3] which had been isolated from the galaxy since the Hundred-Year Darkness two-thousand years before.[4] Daragon said that the Sith were preparing to attack the Galactic Republic and demanded a meeting with the leader of the unified Koros system, Teta, to alert her of the threat. However, her pleas fell on deaf ears, and she was arrested for numerous charges related to her escape. Gorrm and Kahorr arrived amongst the crowds surrounding the Starbreaker 12, and Kahorr told the police that were present that the Starbreaker 12 was legally his, as a payment for the destruction of Zeta Five. Kahorr had Gorrm gave the police the pertinent documents, which proved that by a Merchants' Guild decision, the Starbreaker 12 had indeed been granted to Kahorr.[3] Kahorr and Gorrm decided to take the ship on a joyride to test its controls, but they were suddenly set upon by a Sith battle fleet; the Sith had followed the Starbreaker 12 back to the Republic. The Sith attacked them before they could escape, destroying the Starbreaker 12 and killing Gorrm.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Gorrm served Ssk Kahorr faithfully, but he was not afraid to question Kahorr's decisions, as he raised concerns about Kahorr's choice of the Goluud Corridor as the route on which to send the Zeta Five.[2] He was also a capable pilot, and was Kahorr's choice to fly his ships.[1] Gorrm had brown hair, blue eyes and pale purple skin.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Gorrm first appeared in Tales of the Jedi – The Golden Age of the Sith 1, the first issue of the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Golden Age of the Sith comic book series written by Kevin J. Anderson and illustrated by Dario Carrasco, Jr..[2] The comic was published by Dark Horse Comics on October 9, 1996[5]



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